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UK V11 Meeting 2008?

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I know everyone who attended the recent meeting in Sibbe really enjoyed themselves and had a great time.

Helen and I are proposing to organise a meeting in the UK next year, possibly in New Galloway Scotland.


This location is easy to reach from any ferries from the European mainland (Newcastle / Hull / Rosyth) and Ireland (Stranraer), and reasonably accessible for most visitors from the British mainland, being not too far over the Scottish border.


The surrounding roads are very twisty, mainly set in quiet forests which are off the main tourist track so very little traffic. Easy access to the beautiful roads around the Scottish borders and Northumberland too.


The place we are considering as a base is the Ken Bridge Hotel- which is in a remote location with hotel accomodation and its own campsite, set next to the beautiful River Ken. We have stayed there before and the landlord is very friendly (he is used to hosting bikers) and the food and ale are good.



I will be visiting Ken Bridge next month (while I take my cafe racer to have her tank made at the Tank Shop) so I can talk to the landlord about hosting such an event, but from previous discussions I am sure he will be delighted. I can also get a idea on prices / any special deals etc.


In the meantime, I am starting this thread to gauge potential interest for a meeting in April or May. Please add your name if you are interested. I'll start:




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My arse says no but my heart says yes.... :P


Allright, I'm in




PS: Guy, I give you a buzz offline regarding the tank when I get home, awright?

PPS: We want good weather! Ask Jaap to talk to his friend(s) in high places.

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I'm in!




Ask Jaap to talk to his friend(s) in high places.

Hell, I don't want everybody thinking I'm religious person; far from it, @#!$%@&! :D

But if someone has a direct line to the one or other Upper Being, feel free to pray for good weather. TIA



BTW, I checked the location on the map; I actually rode on the same bridge last spring! Way cool... :D

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Great stuff- I've just been chatting to Mal in the pub and he's up for it too.


So provisionally, we have so far:













Would it help if we tried to set an exact date soon? I know many of us lead busy lives so maybe sooner the better.


How does 16/17/18th May 2008 sound? If there is a general concensus I will phone the landlord and see if we can get something booked.




Guy :helmet:

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