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Yes its Moto GP time again on Sunday!!


Ok practice hasn't even started so here are my wild guesses:


1/ Pedrosa

2/ Lorenzo

3/ Dovizioso


I hope I am wrong and young James Toseland kicks arse, but the Spaniards tend to do well at home.


What are your predictions?


Guy :helmet:

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Hi Guy ;)


Long time no see - been away for a while but will PM you during the weekend.


As for the Moto GP I tend to follow your not so wild guess.


Pedrosa was awesome in Qatar and so was the two 'newbies' (at least in Moto GP') Dovizioso and Lorenzo. Those kids have absolutely no respect for them ol´ chaps like Vale, Hayden, Edwards and bunch and it's such a relief. I foresee a much more interesting Moto GP season than last year's.


I also keep my fingers crossed for Tosie as he's such a superb rider. Seeing him winning last years Superbike WC was a thrill and he deserves to be up in the top ranks.


Got your bike out yet? We are still suffering the last remains of snow and sleed here in Denmark but eventually Spring will arrive, ins-allah!! Cabin fever? Me? You bet.....


All the best


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Rossi's time very intresting he usually does well at Jerez, yes the new boys are here but we will se how they cope with a season just look at Hayden's time, look at the top speeds Vale and stoner


Look at Tony Elias' top speed- the fastest and he is last!

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....What are your predictions? ...


1. Rossi

2. Toseland

3. (joint) Melandri, Edwards




Them youngsters - all they got is... youth...talent...speed.. skill, money, women, good looks...their own hair & teeth......pah.... Go the ol gits!


KB :sun:

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i think it's hard to pinpoint this one, but the Yamaha definitively look good.

So, i would say Lorenzo, Rossi, Pedrosa.


If the Ducati makes it to the podium, FEAR will be on the other teams as this is really NOT a Ducati circuit.


BTW, there are rumours that if Melandri doesn't perform well, he'll be sacked (I love Ducatis but the management there is cold and without any remorse).

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why all the whining? It is a new season and it is looking a lot more exciting than the last.


tips for Jerez:

1. Rossi

2. Lorenzo

3. Pedrosa


dark horse: Randy de Puniet.

correct but wrong order, Ducati did'nt look so fast today, also looked like yamaha using team orders

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who knows but Rossi and Jeremy



I doubt very much there were team orders. Too much different sponsors' money is injected for two teams that in fact barely work together...

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