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After a year of trying to find a 'pre-owned' set of Staintunes for my 2002 Le Mans I suspect it's time for a 'retail experience'. The gravel is coming off the road and I feel the need to ride. I have been trying (with little success) to locate a Staintune dealer in my area (Alberta/B.C. Canada) who I am comfortable dealing with for this product. For the most part I get shrugged shoulders or heavily surcharged prices. While I always try to give the local boys first right of opportunity this request keeps coming up cold.


Therefore I need to ask the group if they have any recommendations. I hope this request does not cause a breach of protocol and Veep I apologize in advance if it does. I am happy to deal in the Pacific Northwest and or Northwestern states as I will be travelling there soon. This is a 10 hour drive so is easy peasy.


As an adjunct, for any of you have used these slip ons can you share your thoughts as to whether a Power Commander is a must do item with this swap or not. I have heard passionate positions supporting yes AND no ?


Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

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