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The MyECU thread

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(long post snipped)

Well put Richard and I recognize your thoughts. It was even worse a couple of years ago. This forum thread was created to put us together and it was crude but much better than nothing. Now Cliff put up his forum that will do the same but a couple of orders of magnitude better organized.


A shared effort manual is a nice thought, but I'm not sure it would end up as nice as you hope. Sure, we could put up a wiki or something and jot down our experiences, but the problem will always be that the most enthusiastic writers are likely the ones that know the least. Hopefully the new forum will be a wealth of information and it will be sorted enough that one can find whatever one needs for the moment, without reading 250 posts of random thoughts.


Having said that, if you put up a wiki I'll probably contribute all I can to it, as I'm a big mouth dry runner :lol:

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I just got my software and I am waiting for my ECU. It looks like I did not get any map from Cliff or maybe I dont know how to find it.

What bike are we talking about? I assume one of the dukes. Will you be running closed loop?

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Did you get it by mail? Or am I the only one who can't reach Cliff's site? I posted stuff on his forum yesterday morning (CET) and since then I can't reach his forum or even the usual web site. Was I permanently banned? :lol:

Strange, currently I need to relay through another internet provider in order to reach Cliff's web. It's got to be a routing problem way out of Cliff's control and hopefully nothing to do with his forum.

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Did you get it by mail? Or am I the only one who can't reach Cliff's site?


See Cliff`s answer, there are links to 143. ;)

I reach Cliff`s forum w/o any problems.



I have posted my 907 map to vij.



I fully agree w punch`s last post, spot on f me.

I think developing a FAQ is the best f most users, combined w in depth & detail threads here & in Cliff`s forum.

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It's not just the written words, we even speak in different tongues :grin:




Hm, I don't know if I would hold a more detailed site if I'd do things like this MyEcu. And as he writes on his site: he's not Marelli or Bosch with a customer service departement and so on.

Besides that, when I got my MK1 some years ago, I plugged it in and was literally airborne. The unit worked perfectly (after a minor layout glitch based on a Guzzi glitch was corrected) and I always got all the support I needed. But I know what you mean. The relation "written words" to "received words" sometimes could have been a little better. So maybe I should write: I always got the support I really needed ;)


Now to Hypertterminal:


1. Open the explorer

2. Right click on C:\

3. Search for "hypertrm.exe"

4. Create a shortcut of it on the desktop

5. Open the shortcut

6. Enter a name for the new connection (My15M e.g.)

7. Go to the last line and switch from Modem xy to COM1

8. Enter 38000, 8, None, 1, None - OK

9. click on File - Properties

10. goto second page

11. go down to ASCII-Configuration

12. under RECEIVE (not send) check the first line: add CR at end of received lines. This is important! (and a secret trick because it's on the 5th subpage or so)

13. ok - ok (-ok?)

14. click the 5th option: Transfer (or so) - Save Text (or maybe Copy Text, not Send Text)

15. Click on Browse and say where you want to find the log file. - Click Start

16. Click on FILE - SAVE AS - .... This will make the whole thing easier the next time :)

17. Under TRANSFER (the 5th command) - RECORD TEXT (or how it's called in English) you can stop, restart or cancel the logging.

18. Close Hypertrm and you have your logfile.


Open ECUControl - read map from file (also very important - that's the compiler table so to say) - click on ECU Diagnostics - click on logfile (a copy preferably, shit happens) (option ALL FILES) - enter the name for the parsed file - click ok.


If you think nothing has happened, then look for the parsed file: the translation goes lightning fast :)


That's all. Not really impressive once you have done it sometimes. In fact boring a bit. Because now you have such a huge amount of information that you have to be a good excel hero or a good script, pearl or whatever programmer to get behind all these numbers. Its a bit difficult because very seldom you'll have information for exact cells, and if so then in most cases only for a short moment. I guess some statistical excel knowledge won't hurt.


A short 2 minutes preview is uploaded here (picture only, sorry):





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Hubert, thanks I managed to get some of the way through this but could not get the file saved. It acquired data from the ECU, but I could not access it afterwards to convert it to text - I will try again later.


Can you email me a log file as I want to try to play with it to use Excel to analyse it. I am sure it will be possible - Excel is my passion!



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So why did our bikes start easier w TDC=0 then?

Some parameters must`ve changed.

TDC seems bad f me before it actually fires, backfires etc.

For what it's worth: I was looking for something else in a Ducati 916 WHB and noticed the Weber-Marelli 1.6M also fires at TDC when cranking. Maybe you should focus on fuel priming.

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JAAP, my Admin, I call you: could you not just reopen the Oil Temp Sensor thread? If I beg you very kindly?


J A A P !



Am I so unwanted?

I am going to post here until Jaap shuts this down, too.

By the way, you all should have bought Tuneboys.


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I went there and there was no content, yet.

It was nice knowing you all!

Sorry, that might come across as rude.

The Truth is I think it is a shame you are taking the topic there.

This is one of the few lengthy technical topics to largely escape ridiculous debate, and yet it has been declared obsolete and moved to another forum.

I am sure most of you will be back to argue durometers and thermal momentum.

I guess it makes sense for Cliff to host a discussion.

If Google does not work there, maybe Jaap could create a sub-forum here and have Cliff administer it???????

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