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Rosso Corsa register

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The triple clamp was never drilled for handlebar mounts and the side covers say "V11 Lemans".  I'm wondering if this wasn't some type one off.  The paint is original, with the exception of the right side of the fairing,  and the wheels look powder coated.  Everything looks factory, though as mentioned before, the history of the vehicle is strange with the low mileage and the one owner title.  That one owner said the bike was as he bought it with the exception of the new Pirelli tires he put on.

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3 minutes ago, jwatches said:

Interesting ... 6-2003

I think I dated a girl in college with a history like this . . . :huh:

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I know! It’s becoming more interesting by the minute. It’s like they bolted RC bodywork on a Sport and then added fancy wheel paint. Can’t imagine why a dealer or an owner would go to the trouble. 

I just sent a note to the guy I bought it from to get the facts about how he got it. I’m thinking it may be a Frankenstein assembles by a dealer after it or another bike was damaged on a test ride.

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Guzzi seems to be the Colt's Patent Firearms of motorcycles - no two intentionally built alike.  The color/fairing/handlebar combinations are seemingly inexplicable. BTW, I will be in your home town (is it still standing?) in about 1.5 hours on my '04 Ballabio.

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4 hours ago, jwatches said:

Yes, Seattle has managed to avoid all the fires. I’m new to this forum, but feel free to message me if that is possible and we can arrange a viewing of this oddity.

Will be in Seattle Tomorrow at 11AM for a blood draw at SCCA - Eastlake and Mercer more or less. .

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