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My friend with my old Calvin is in need of a used ujoint. 

If anyone has an old one with ujoints that are bad he would still be interested in it. He may be able to source the ujoints by themselves and rebuild it. 

The one on his bike is most likely rebuildable too but he does not know the dimensions of the ujoint.

If anyone has one that they can measure, then he could order the parts.

I think the ujoint assembly is the same from late 2003 up to 2012.

The bike is his only transportation.


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Jan, The Calvin that belonged to me that then went to a friend and then now to another friend has now been brought back to me for a complete tune up. I did the valve adjust and a TPS set to

TPS setting, etc. is similar to the V11s. These Instructions are very helpful: http://bradthebikeboy.blogspot.com/2012/10/throttle-position-sensor-setting_21.html I have used Guzzidag for this too

Here is my defective u-joint (at only 38.5000 Km): I have bought my new one here: https://hmb-guzzi.de/Universal-joint-complete-with-shaft-Cali-from-2001-on This is the original pa

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He ordered a whole new assembly yesterday. Since the bike is his daily driver, he was hoping that someone could measure so he would know what to order to repair the old one.

I think that when he gets the new part and installs it, he will measure the ujoint and fix the old one as a spare. I am not sue why, as the original lasted 88K miles.

I will most likely go help him with the job.

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