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How To Color Match the Guzzi Lime Green


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I actually found a post from another forum and ordered the paint he recommended. The guy was dead on so I wanted to share. I did a 100% paint match to the color! Here are what is needed:

All materials are from House Of Kolor and I ordered them from KolorHouse dot com


(1) Silver Metallic base. (FBC-02) Qt size is plenty enough to do several bikes.

(2) "ORGANIC GREEN" INTENSIFIER KANDY (KK-09). I ordered a 2oz bottle. Believe me you will only need about 4 drops!

(3) "LIME GOLD" INTENSIFIER KANDY (KK-02). I ordered a 1/2pt or 8oz bottle. I used about 1/2 of it.

(4) Intercoat Clear (SG-100)it's a clear basecoat. I ordered a qt.


OK now buy an empty qt paint can and pour 1/2 of the intercoat clear base. Now pour 1/2 of the Lime Gold candy into the 1/2qt of the clear base and start sturring in the Organic Green A DROP AT A TIME until the color appears to match. (I used one of my side covers beside to refference). It only took about 4-5 drops of green to get there!! Then thin with basecoat reducer until the qt can is full.


Lay the silver first, let dry. Then lay 3-4 coats of the kandy base you made up letting tack between coats (10-15min). Compare to the bike pannels until you have achieved the proper kandy color. Finally clear over with an automotive urethane clear and you're done! I even did a blend on a side cover (area that was rubbed bad) and the blend turned out about 98% match. (If anyone knows about blend matching, that can't get any better!)

I sprayed my chin spoiler, a new fly screen and my helmet. Pics to follow.

HOK Paints.jpg

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Beautiful colour, first saw it on a pair of early V7s at the Isle Of Man TT in 1973, on my black Commando at the time. When I got home I painted it in the nearest colour I could get - Ford LeMans Green. Although the shade not exactly admired by others I was ahead of the times with the name. Finally got a T3 in '79 - black again, all they had in stock, soon painted it bright Bristow Helicopters red. Black bikes are like white cars - always look dirty.

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A HUGE thanks for this thread! For anyone trying to match this color, do not even bother trying to have a paint supplier "computer" match it. That was the approach my painter tried to take (trying to avoid the $225.00 paint cost for House of Colors). After multiple unsuccessful attempts - that were thankfully on the paint supply guy's dime, we broke down and ordered the above House of Colors paints. It was a PERFECT match on the first mix and spray attempt. Even the flip is dead on!!! :grin:

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