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Bob Hartman

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So, I guess I should post a little follow-up on my 2004 Guzzi Le Mans purchase;

I flew to Pensacola on March 16th, to ride the bike home.

Unfortunately, I made an unpleasant discovery: the odometer was stuck at 8865 miles.

I chose to play it safe and returned to the dealership. It turned out they had never ridden it. They were unaware of the issue.

So much for all the emails from the sales guy telling me the bike was fit to make the trip to H'town... I decided to fly back to Houston, and to get the bike shipped instead. At this point, I had lost confidence in what I was told.

To be fair, the manager apologized, and based on that experience, they would never take another consignment bike from anybody. They shipped the bike to my door at no extra cost. But I only got it on April 17th...

Here it is, the very day after it was delivered to me:

The bike has been fully checked by MPH Cycles in Houston, and according to them, the mileage is consistent with the bike's inspection.

The only consumables that had to be replaced were the battery and the rear brake pads. All the rest was fine.

I am now in the process of fixing the odometer, and it is on its way to Joel Levine Inc in Georgia. There is topic about it.

I am also registered for the Motorcycle Grand Tour of Texas, so I have done two of the stops.

I use the "TripLog" application to keep track of my mileage. It works fairly well, does not consume your battery since you only enter the start, and the end. And because I only do the "manual start", it is free of subscription. I will keep using it even after my Odometer gets fixed.

I have done about 400 miles since I got the bike. But I am not riding it until my Odometer is back.

The feeling is fantastic. I am back in the 70's when I was just taking my bike and riding with no destination. Just the pleasure to ride a motorcycle.


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On 12/23/2020 at 7:24 PM, footgoose said:

Was it you asking about cost of aftermarket mufflers? Those look like Staintune, ...some of the best.

They are Staintune, made in Australia. Confirmed.

I could not confirm before I got the bike home. The DB killers are not in though, that's why the bike sounds loud.

Staintune has been purchased unfortunately.


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7 minutes ago, footgoose said:

Great, glad it worked out. IMO it doesn't sound loud, also IMO you won't like the sound with db killers in. :race:

I liked the sound, however on the long run, it is tiring. I wore ear plugs on long distance trips.

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