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Greasing the drive shaft


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On 7/21/2021 at 10:57 PM, cash1000 said:

That's a pity. Would have been great to have a photo to show how you had solved the problem that's vexed many owners of short frame V11's :)

I apologize if I've falsely raised hopes for short frame owners, this worked for me on that hidden grease nipple on my LONG frame bike.

Imho, if there is any coupling that MAY work on short frames, this would be it.

Take a look at the photo on this link below; that short 4" pipe to the left on the 180 degree swivel coupling with the spring over it, has male threads on both ends;remove it; you now have a 180 degree swivel with female threads.

Remove the coupling from whatever type of grease gun you have, exposing the male threads and screw the 180 swivel on, in it's place.

On my LONG frame, I could see the top of that hidden grease fitting, but it was welded in so close to the shoulder of the driveshaft, I needed a coupling approximately 45-60 degrees (WAG), this cheap swivel worked like a charm for me, on my LONG frame;

I make no promises it will work on a SHORT frame, but for $10 Canadian funds, I'd take the gamble and try, fwiw ymmv.


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I was able to get a standard grease gun fitting on the front nipple on my '03 Le Mans. Was not able to bend the hose successfully through the obvious direct path, but when I routed it through a crevice over the top it was easier. I had to use a pair of pliers to push it down onto the nipple once aligned.334398299fde9ffc7c0ce76932b20629.jpg3419d70eaba444137b19cd9f7ed0acfb.jpg

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Fascinating. One of the remaining, unsolved mysteries of the V11 series is specifically why the early ShortFrame are so notoriously impossible to grease that front U-joint. I cannot see how that set-up would make the correct angle to connect on my RedFrame Sport.

Is the shaft shroud, or collar, shorter on the LongFrame V11? The early collar is 64 mm . . .

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