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V11 Ecu diagnostics and reprogramming

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FWIW, I was having trouble getting it to connect reliably. I plugged the USB cable into the computer before boot. *Then* it recognised it. Go to device manager and find which port it is using. I understand it can change, depending on the computer. It's always com 3 on the little netbook though.

Since then, I've had no problems.

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The last 2 years I've been busy with others to work on diagnosics for the guzzi ECU and now reflashing it too.   First diagostics, Guzzidiag can diagnose all Guzzi ecu, from p7 to 5am. All values w

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It recognises it when plugged in on Windows 7 and the device manager shows COM4. However, I was having fun fitting my Mistral X-over and testing it with the standard map this evening so messing around with the GuzziDiag will have to wait till later in the week.  


Not running too badly on the standard map but doesn't feel clean on the transition to mid range so GuzziDiag should give me some insight as to why.



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I'm reluctantly having to admit defeat here... at least temporarily.


No matter what I do, it still gives me the same 'Switch on ignition' message, then 'Ignition off'.

  • Of course this time I connected the crocs to the battery...check.
  • The computer recognises the cable OK when plugged in...check.
  • I've changed the port configuration from COM4 to COM5 and then COM6...check.
  • I've uninstalled the v2.08.28 cable driver (bit of a PIA to get rid of the stored later version drivers in Windows, but did it eventually) and installed the earlier v2.08.24 cable driver in case there was a chip incompatibility as suggested by the website...check.
  • Port settings as per website screenshots...check.
  • I've tried different combinations of the above





What am I missing here?

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Do you know of anyone else with a working setup that you could try as it could be a faulty lead?


I had a similar problem with a setup for reading and modifying a citroen ecu. I ordered another lead from the same seller which proved the first one to be faulty. Contacted the seller who refunded the first lead.

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I would go with the blue one first as it has the most to go wrong, the black one is just an adapter which you could probably test with a meter. If it were cost effective i would post mine to you but would cost more than the £5 inc postage lead .

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Thanks Haydn,


Actually I looked at the alternatives on the 'bay and with a bit of research found the blue one I bought was Chinese with the earlier discontinued chip and cost less than a fiver.


So I'll pay a couple of quid more for a better quality item (black) with a current version of the chip and see if that works. Then I can try to return the blue one and recover the cost from the vendor if it turns out it was at fault...


Glad these things don't cost more, all I can say.


Now, about that TPS harness that danl posted...


Guess I'm a glutton for punishment.

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A better quality cable-with-the-chip was delivered yesterday and GuzziDiag now connects OK on COM4, identifies 'ignition on' and reads the ECU settings when on.


I can start playing around with it now - not exactly sure what I'm doing but got to start somewhere. :huh2:     Is there a step by step guide for this stuff?


My objective is to get the bike picking up smoother from lower medium revs with a Mistral X-over and standard cans.



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"Is there a step by step guide for this stuff"

I used the "ape-method": just push everything and see what happens...


It is not quite ”Autotune” yet…

  1. Guzzidiag = shows you the same as the official Software and Axone device.  Mainly just to see and do normal service related things.
  2. IAW15xReader = to read the “map  –Data” out form the ecu, the result is a *.bin –file.
  3. TunerPro = to examine, analyze and change the *.bin –file.
  4. The *.XDF –file for the TunerPro = inevitable to see the *.bin file so that you can understand and change it. The file can be received from the Guzzidiag –Developers.
  5. IAW15xWriter = to write back the altered *.bin –file to the ecu.


The point 4. recuires that you know your way.  Dyno + specialist is often a preferred solution.  I for example, have busied myself with the point 1, and I have had short affairs with the points 2-4, but I myself would never go to point 5 without skilled help...

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Thanks for your replies Hubert and Camn. That clarifies a great deal the main questions I had.


So for GuzziDiag I can follow much the same instructions as in the Guzzi manuals... OK.


For changing the mappings: I guess I download and mail my .bin file off to the GuzziDiag developers to convert to XDF so I can see or edit the map in Tunerpro. Can I generate an edited bin or do I have to send off the edited XDF to the GuzziDiag developers again to convert back to bin so I can import again?


Paul said he wanted to build a library of maps up. Happy to contribute if and when I get that far (and donate to this fabulous project by the way! :thumbsup: ). Where is this library and how do we access it? Maybe there's a map already for V11 Sport 2000, Mistral X-over with standard cans.



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You can think of TunerPro more like a sort of comfortable Excel Sheet. You open the .bin file you got from the Reader and TunerPro will interpret the values into a readable format. With the XDF files TunerPro is told where in the .bin the information is stored and to what those hex-figures should be translated.

Once that step is done you can work on your map yourself, make percentual enrichments of certain areas, adjust temperature correction tables, fix spark advance oddities, things like that. It's realy a powerful tool, yet you hardly can do anything wrong or even risk an engine with it.

On some site is written: "Maps are sort of software and should be treated as such" - meaning: make a backup of each version, comment your changes/baselines, check whether the changes did what you expected, change one thing at a time, ... Stick to that and you'll have fun with it.

And don't expect to much. It's only about driveability and PHP - it won't really help you if your aim were to lift the front wheel ;)



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