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I learned to use two finger, the first and second fingers, racing. It allows you to use the other two to blip the throttle to rev match while braking hard into a corner. Not really that useful on the street, but I still tend to do it like that. It works better , though, when you have brakes that require less effort. It does not work well (the two finger technique) on our Lario. That takes at least three, and sometimes four, fingers to squeeze the brakes hard enough with those old style disc brakes. I have seen people with modern brakes who are able to use just one finger to brake. Something else to add into the equation is that matching the available force to the force required (i.e., using two or three fingers if that is all that is required) can make it harder to lock the brakes in a panic stop situation. If you think about it, if I can easily lock the brakes using four fingers and I use four fingers, in a panic situation it is likely I will lock the brakes. If I use two fingers, and with two fingers it is much harder to lock the brakes, it is less likely I will lock the brakes in a panic situation. That has been my experience. Your experience may vary from mine.

Using the two outboard fingers may be a variation of that. Using those two fingers would likely reduce the power you can apply to the lever and thus reduce the likely-hood of locking the brakes. As long as you can still apply enough force to stop in the required time....

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