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2003 V11 Sport Naked - serial number one?


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Just picked up a local '03 V11 (along with a '07 Norge) last week, and I believe I might actually have the very first 'true' 2003 model year sport naked made. Serial number ends in 111111. The bike supposedly only has 6500 miles, but who knows as the ITI gauges are toast. The bike has some sun weathering, but mechanically, it is a very good runner. I am in the process of 'resto-modding' it now. I'll get some pics uploaded tonight. Happy to be here! It's not a Coppa Italia, or Scura R, but I guess it may still be somewhat exclusive, being the very first bike with all the '03 Aprillia/Piaggio infused mods.

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That's one of the best V11 produced.




I agree .... the Rosso Mandello. the greenie, the silver and the black, the Scura and the Corsa's, the Tenni's, the Ballabio's and even the LeMans .... pretty much all one of the best V11's produced! (did I miss any?)

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Here are some photos of the bike before I bought it, while I was buying it, and how it sits right now. Been looking for the right "Guzzi" to get into, such as a modern Tenni Griso, but then suddenly on Craig's appeared a very customized Lime/Red Frame '00 with Quat-D exhaust and the whole works (high priced). But that was enough to get me set straight. V11's it is. Collectible, unique, sporty (yet not a one trick pony), and low enough production to satisfy my need for exclusivity! That same week, a lightly modded Rosso Mandello appeared for sale as well....so much for exclusivity! 10-15 V11's for sale in the whole USA, and 3 of them were in my town at once. Believe it or not, I actually contemplated getting the Lime Green show bike, the Rosso, and the '03 Sport Naked! Instant collection! But instead, I picked up a Norge so my wife can join in on the sideways V-pot fun. Probably a good move, since she's going to hate me for being in the garage re-building this V11 all winter. I will post my laundry list later (soon!), but for now, here are some pics:



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Looks like a 2001 bike that has been registered a couple of years later- same as Helen's V11.

As Docc stated, it is definitely a true 2003 model, the VIN number provess that with the "3" in it.

There is a "2003" V11 sport for sale in Arizona right now which is obviously a re-badged 2002 model, crinkle paint, Veglia gauges and all. I made sure

mine was a true '03 model before I even went and looked at the bike. I wanted to make sure I had the benefits of the '03 model year updates...

Looks like I *just barely* made it in with the first one made... but according to Docc, there are still a few (minor) vestigal features from the older bikes.


For the sake of my readers, here's what a rebadged 'fake' 2003 "2002 model" looks like:


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 ...... later model instruments, forks and handlebars. Looks like a fun project. 


Post your laundry list and also check Kiwi-Roys electrical upgrades ..... and Docc's input is very useful!!


Thank you Jim! Getting really excited about discussing/developing the resto-mod plan with you guys!

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The more you look at these bikes , the more you know they transition instead of have a defintive year change... 

It is a later model (at least an 03) because of the black face gauges and the different forks . You can tell by looking at the adjusters .  

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Yes you are right those black ITI clocks are from the later models. Are they 43mm forks too?

I thought they were 45's, but I will check when I get home!!! I can tell you that they are leaking all over my garage floor! That's probably the worst thing wrong with the bike, and my area of highest concern right now (not knowing who to go to, or to try fixing them myself, I heard they are pretty tricky on these bikes).

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