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Rear drive needle bearing and swing arm restoration

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7 hours ago, Tinus89 said:

Soooo, pushing some life back in this topic.


Did my 2-yearly big maintenance including greasing of the driveshaft and checking the small needle bearing was on the list too.


Bearing pre-cleaning

Bearing inner race post-cleaning


Bearing post-cleaning (flush with degrease & rag)


I've considered cleaning up the inner race even more using scotchbrite/sandpaper, but voted against it for materials loss reasons. I've regreased and remounted the bearing for hopefully another 2years of service.

Question: should I expect to change this bearing in two years time? Or should I not expect it to last this long?


Also in the same subject/region: I've discovered I have some feeling play in the rose joints of the reaction rod on my bike (the lightened "sport" version of aluminium). I'll most likely have to replace that next year as well...

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Every time I put something off it bites me in the arse.



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The swing arm bearings are out the first one took a bit more time due to figuring it all out. Second one was out in 15 min. Here is how I did it. First I welded the M16 bolt to the inner race. You n

Something I have done with blind hole bearings in the past was to fill the cavity with grease and then use a bolt (with the threads cut off) or steel dowel that fits as snug as possible with the ID of

Glad not to be alone . . .

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10 hours ago, Lucky Phil said:

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Every time I put something off it bites me in the arse.



Normally I'm like that as well, however that meant ordering parts in Netherlands, which was in a snowstorm and therefore would take at least a week, keeping me from rebuilding her and therefore working on my other bikes due to lack of space...


As this bearing only sees minor movement, I'm fairly confident it will last another year or two (which usually is less than 5000km).

If you are referring to the rose/heim joints, I'm less confident but they are easily checked once in a while as they are out in the open.

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You should get the spacer too . When you do this , fill the bearing with a GOOD grease . It seems as though all bearings have just enough grease to keep them from rusting . Bearings like this (minor movement) should be filled completely on installation . 

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