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'02 V11 Sport Fuelling Set up

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Alright Guzzisti? :thumbsup:

I think I have a fuelling issue with my V11. :homer:

The bike takes a while to Idle after starting but runs really well when warm.

On a recent trip I was reaching 35mpg and the plugs are BLACK. I don't think I need told this isn't right but my dilemma is who do I take it to to get it set up?

At the moment its running a full Termi system and as I don't know whats been done im ok with a complete overhaul!

I live in NI and we haven't a guzzi dealer locally so would be keen to hear of any reccomendations whether franchised dealer or not?

I would be ok with a ferry ride to Scotland as can make a trip outa it?

Looking forward to your replies :mg:  Gerry.

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Sounds like she could be running better for sure. That's 35 miles per Imperial gallon? I thinking that's like 42 mpg-US and far better than I get.


Best to start with a complete tune-up. This FAQ thread will take you through the process:


TPS Set-up and Throttle Balance Tuning


Then, we'll go from there! :luigi:

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have you thought about a dyno  set up? just had my bike done, standard trim but had the usual hiccup at low rpm's, bike runs great now, well worth an hours dyno time  :thumbsup:

Northern Ireland

Anthony Mc Golgan

20 Deans Road, Lurgan.

02838 341327



Coleraine Motorcycles

Unit 1, Coleraine.

02870 352655



Cooper Motorcycles

193 Orritor Road,Cookstown.

02886 766354



Crossan Motorcycles

51 Crossan Road, Newry.

02830 850911



Holeshot Racing

30 Lough Rd, Dromore.

028 3882 0026




16E Lower Ballinderry Rd,Lisburn.

0289 265 0577



SD Performance Motorcycles

Unit 22 Pennybridge Ind Est,Co. Antrim.

0282 565 8342

Docc had a great run out Sunday- using plenty of rev's and got 140mls to the light :huh2:

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Docc had a great run out Sunday- using plenty of rev's and got 140mls to the light :huh2:

rossi, Wish I could have come along - nothing like Guzzis making music together! :race: :race:


pilgrim, if you can get the bike to someone with a computer interface, be sure they check/set your CO setting (and compare your rpm to the tachometer indication for future reference).

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Cheers for the advice lads, most of the local dealers have a sharp intake of breath through gritted teeth when I mention Guzzi.


Still working through your options and will keep you up to date!

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