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Serial Number mysteries


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We've long talked about production numbers of the various V11. While the Workshop Manual declares that each year begins with serial number 111111, the date range of the early gearbox recall mystifies me. (V11 Recall Notices in FileShare):


"From 2000 models xxx111929 to 2001 models xxx114435"


Based on the first 2001 being 111111, that would be 3,325 of the 2001 models alone with no clear indication the last 2000 serial number. (my Sport was constructed March 2000 at # 112641).


Yet, the recall notice specifies that 100% of the range is affected and that entails "680 units."


How in the world does that add up? They don't number sequentially?

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That's an excellent explanation. The recall document is US specific. Were early V11 gearboxes also "recalled" in other countries?


Interesting, that from October 1999 to April 2001 (probably all of 2000 V11 production and half of the 2001 imports), there were only 680 units imported to the US.


I'm thinking there is nothing quite linear about Things Italian, so I'm reluctant to extrapolate . . .


but I want to . . . :nerd:

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So, extrapolating with some linearity, and rounding off a bit, there would have been some 6,600 RedFrames built 1999-2001 (probably including the 600 Rosso Mandello with black "RedFrames") and under 1,000 imported into the US.


Pure speculation, mind you . . .

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