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The “Fix-it on the Road” Packing List

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What should the knowledgeable V11 owner pack in order to make it home?


Of course, the mobile-phone, credit-card, and roadside assistance plan (AAA in the US) offers one type of solution. But how about the fix-it-yourself and ride-it home approach?


In addition to the supplied tool kit, I have added:

  • Tire repair kit with rubber plugs, C02 cartridges, etc. (fits in tail section)
  • Some emergency cash
  • A few zip ties and a bit of safety wire
  • Vacuum caps for the throttle-body sync pipes (Docc said those can be damaged by a bad hiccup)

I haven’t bothered to look yet, but does fuse box have plenty of spares? If not, maybe somebody has a list of all spares that should be carried.


What other supplies or tools have you found essential to carry on the bike?

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Access to V11lemans.com!...

Only had to trailer home once in 92,757 miles when I let one of the yellow wires break coming from the stator under the alternator cover. The dying Hawker got me about halfway home . . .

leatherman/swiss army type multi tool, hip flask...just in case

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Good ideas. Fuses and duct tape will get added to my kit bag - I'll pass on the bulbs. Not sure whether Josh or the multi-meter will fit under the seat. But if they do, maybe I could also squeeze in a spare Scura flywheel.


Re the nefarious Pawl spring: As I understand it, this failure gives some warning; it is not a surprise-failure, nor is it the type of repair one could easily do at roadside.


I like the idea of seeing Docc's Spine-Raid kit. Always good to learn what people with more saddle-time carry. That's how I learned what to carry on my dirt bike, including Quick Steel (which I have needed). Haven't had to spend the night in the woods yet - but could have without the right kit.

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From what I've been reading, a spare shift pawl spring, if not tools to get at it roadside. Headlight bulb, tail light, indicators can save your life too, but who carries those?

You only need the spring. Any worth while break down service will have the tools. Some silicon gasket goo might be a good plan too.

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I wired in a usb point so I can put a charge on my phone if needed (8 quid off ebay).  These fancy modern phones are ace- ultimate back-up.

Don't smoke any more but something tells me that if I did have an un-fixable break down, I'd want one. :rasta:

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