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Replacing front fork oil (Marzocchi)

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Ok, yeah, I found that in the factory assembly of my right fork cartridge. It was not seated in the bottom had a 1/4" (6mm) of play from delivery. Fixing that was one of the great "ah-HAH!" moments of fettling the V11.


Fitting the correct springs, using lighter fork oils, and using the 100mm air gap (starting point) have all been brilliant.

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Nice write-up Bjorn!


I just want to mention that after installing new springs, spacers and fork oil back in 2010 I found that the oil level in one leg dropped about 20mm after I rode it for a week.  I found this out when I went back in to lower the oil level a bit because I wasn't getting full fork travel with the air gap at 100mm.  I did pump forks quite a bit to work the air out of the cartridges before putting the springs in, so there must have been some air trapped in a cartridge that didn't work it's way out until I had ridden for a few hours.


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I need to replace the left fork seal as its weeping oil. I had the forks fitted with better springs & Racetech valves a few years ago. What I am I likely to find when I dismantle the forks to change the seals & oil. Are the modifications likely to that different from original setup? Is it going to give me any problems?

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