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What do you listen to? Share your favs

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Never heard of Melody Gardot, but she quite something!

Here's a Dutch pop/country singer who tried to make it in the States.


I like Ilse de Lange. Not only is she good singer (and a looker) but she's from the same part of NL as I am. And she's not afraid to speak our dialect on national TV.

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Ok so this is not a song, but the sound is pure hypnotic motorcycle bliss.  Turn up the volume!  

enjoying these boys.  

Agreed, this is a great thread. Although it takes a long time to "read" all the posts.  :)


Something about a road trip always makes me reach for Neil Young. Here's one I like that he did with the members of Pearl Jam.

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As a fan of the blues, I enjoy sharing original songs that predate more popular rock and roll versions For example, refresh your memory with Bring it On Home by Led Zeppelin:



Then listen to this by Sonny Boy Williamson:



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Frank Zappa
Gov't Mule
Return To Forever
Mahavishnu Orchestra
John McLaughlin
Brand X
Albert King
Allman Bros.
Jeff Beck
Steve Morse/Dixie Dregs/Dregs
Eric Johnson
Santana (pre sellout)
The Who
Southern Culture On The Skids
ZZ Top
... to name a few

Here's a little gem I ran across a few years back... fun.

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Seen both in Helsinki whenever possible, father the last time in 1988 (RIP) and son 2014...




Right on!  :notworthy: Frank's the man!


I'll be seeing ZPZ at the House of Blues in Dallas at the end of this month. Can't wait!

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