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Leon.  The Master of Space and Time. Saw him last for his 70th Bday in Tulsa. Still love his music and have his hits on my playlist.  Jumpin Jack Flash/Youngblood.  Stranger in Strange Land.  Song for You. Hummingbird.  And then his country side, Hank Wilson, Rolling in my Sweet Baby's Arms.

They're restoring the Church Studio in Tulsa now.  It should be open to the public this summer.



Leon and Tulsa were the center of the universe for 15 minutes or so in the 1970s.    In fact, it's still there in one small spot.


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Ok so this is not a song, but the sound is pure hypnotic motorcycle bliss.  Turn up the volume!  

enjoying these boys.  

7 hours ago, gstallons said:

Gettin' back to Leon Russell ...... He was out there !

Leon was part of Wrecking Crew, the session guys in LA.  He played & produced with everyone from Sinatra to Dylan.  

This gets pretty funny at 3:00 (if you wanna skip over Cher)



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Rather expert thread dredging, there, NEWELL!  :grin:

After Jaap posted this, I got the chance to be there when these guys toured through Nashville. It was frikkn' awesome! I've been a fan of them ever since.

Pretty interesting,  some of the "interpretations" of other music I never liked at the time.

(I jus' wanna apologize for this in advance . . .)

[edit: this is the Ac/DC song I was looking for that , I think, compares with Steve 'n' Seaguls  "Thunderstruck"] . . .


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Well if you're talkin' roots and country.  I saw this pair a few years ago.  When they did "Black Dog" a cappella, I thought it was funny.  I still play this record quite a bit.   My neighbor was at the same show for the gospel inspiration.  He said Robert couldn't harmonize with anyone but came to see Allison. 


I love this album.





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Wow, never thought about, or listened to, The Waifs. Too cool! Thanks, L'ky-Phil!! :thumbsup:

I let myself down their yootoob rabbit hole. There are some delightful performances, including "Crazy Train" at "The Basement" posted in 2010.

Is that Nashville (Music City), Tennessee, or is that somewhere else in the world?


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