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What do you listen to? Share your favs

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Ok so this is not a song, but the sound is pure hypnotic motorcycle bliss.  Turn up the volume!  

enjoying these boys.  

I found out about this man about 9 mos. ago while I was in CD warehouse at Cape Girardeau . Playing through the speakers was what sounded like a garage band playing Shake Your Moneymaker . As crummy as the recording was , I purchased the copy from the store and listened to this racket EVER since.  

Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac at the Marquee Club .

 Unfortunately , he passed away July 25 of this year . His music ( and I have worn YouTube out ) is/was/will always be some of the best ever recorded .

 I am sorry I did not post a video , but I can't find one good enough to post w/out deciding "this one is better" .  

RIP , Peter Green .

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Just a couple local San Francisco guys from my younger days playin a little music



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20 hours ago, gstallons said:

Like , you used to hang out w/them ? 


No..Although in the 60's when I was around 15 yrs Carlos and his brother did live at the end of  my block and I would see them..but no..not hang out..:-)

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I went looking for something that feels like the pace I want to ride tomorrow to the S'xteenth South'n Spine Raid . . .


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