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What do you listen to? Share your favs

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New South'n Spine Raid theme song! :notworthy:


I did not realize the hollows were so deep in Finland!


( I see these cats are in Nashville right after the Spine Raid! This is a must-do!) :thumbsup:

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Ok so this is not a song, but the sound is pure hypnotic motorcycle bliss.  Turn up the volume!  

enjoying these boys.  

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Belgian gypsy music! (Who's that on the Guzzi blowing through at the end?)


Vaya Con Dios:  Neh Nah Nah Nah!


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Managed to take in Steve'n'Seagulls as they performed in Nashville last week. What great fun! They carried off a really high energy, up-tempo show. No question , they looked to be having the time of their lives on stage! :thumbsup:


Thanks, Jaap, for the post!

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I was supposed to see Paul Weller at the Commodore in Vancouver tomorrow night, but I can't get away from work, so I sent the tickets to a very sweet and beautiful friend of mine to enjoy.
Currently listening to Frank Marino "Juggernaut", specifically "Stories Of a Hero". Awesome tune and album. 

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It has been 45 years ago this weekend that The Allman Brothers played @ Fillmore East and recorded probably the greatest live album of all time.

 I think it's time to put the CDs in and crank it up !

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