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What do you listen to? Share your favs

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9 hours ago, footgoose said:


He plays around here in the Bay area semi regularly..they had a big benefit for him here just before covid....some medical issues I believe.

Great talent!!

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Ok so this is not a song, but the sound is pure hypnotic motorcycle bliss.  Turn up the volume!  

enjoying these boys.  

Just re-discovering this Audioslave album. It is so good. I had it on CD back when it came out (2002). If you don't know... Audioslave is Chris Cornell (of Soundgarden) singing with the entire band Rage Against the Machine (after their singer left).

So there's the whole album for you...

The reason I "rediscovered" it is that I was helping my daughter dig through my old CDs to find some of best full-albums - not best songs, but the kind of CD where you are amazed that all those great songs are one CD and you don't want to skip anything.

Other CDs that fit the bill (and this search was focused on hard rock and metal, not all genres):

  • Dirt by Alice in Chains
  • Master of Reality by Black Sabbath
  • Van Halen's first album
  • Sad Wings of Destiny by Judas Priest
  • Master of Puppets by Metallica
  • Led Zepplin's first album

She played Dirt first, on her drive to school. That afternoon she told me "I didn't even need a second cup of coffee."

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Have to say, Stevie Ray Vaughan's version of Voodoo Chile is one of the few examples better than Hendrix' original.


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Ah, what a mix tape that would make.... Zeppelin, Springsteen, and Mamamoo!  Just needs a little Dethklock and Pavarotti to round it out.

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11 hours ago, Gmc28 said:

Ah, what a mix tape that would make.... Zeppelin, Springsteen, and Mamamoo!  Just needs a little Dethklock and Pavarotti to round it out.

like many here I am not a young person at this point-  but I still can stan a proper bop.   


most kpop is pretty terrible but Mamamoo are actually amazing singers-  arguably the best female vocal group in the world right now- if you listen further you will see even if its not your style.  that song is not super representative as is a bit of parody of themselves as they complain about not being able to go 'drink like a fish' and hang out as 20 somethings going nuts shut in during the pandemic.


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