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Anybody like full on accordian, and has anybody else heard of Regis Gizavo?

Unfotunately it's just a pic would have loved to have seen playing this, he passed away some years back


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I love this guy's wit and humor. What a love of life and uplifting spirit. This may be the only virtuoso performance I have seen not interjected with his splendid comedy.  Just magnificent.

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Damn Kin, you beat me to it.  We got the CD delivered yesterday and then saw them on Colbert.

I like this record, it doesn't quite grab like their first record but grows on me.  David Hildalgo plays on several cuts.  I saw them during their first tour a dozen years ago.  Interesting enough, the Bob Weir record, Blue Mountain, has similar vibe.



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I used to go see Los Lobos a lot at different small Venues around Los Angeles starting  around 1979..All great musicians.

When I was in College in San Francisco the Early 70's Bob Weir would play the small clubs around the Bay Area when he wasn't playing with The Grateful Dead..He was and no doubt still is talented but honestly I never could really get into his style of playing or performing. 

The Solo  lead player on "Can't let go" really got me...I love his style and sound..not sure what his name is but could listen to a lot more of his playing!!

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I do like the Krauss/Plant collaboration. Especially that new backing band!

Bob Weir, though, I find a bit draggy.

Here is about the opposite end from draggy . . .

(and I always thought they were singing, "His dog! / Hates banjos! ")


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8 hours ago, KINDOY2 said:


What-a-freakin'-awesome performance!!

Proof positive there is no "fear" in "Mc-FUR-son!"

(That amazing bass player ain't skeered, neither . . .)

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