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Head Guards

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I've found some cool head guards for "square barrel" Guzzis. I don't see V11s listed but, is there a difference between the LM3s Milles etc. and a V11?


Can't find a definite answer.

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I believe the bolt pattern is the same, but the valve cover itself is different. Be sure the inboard side of the headguard clears the contour around the valve cover.

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Didn't someone take over from Joe Kenney, his were the bees knees IMHO





I fired off an e-mail to his old address, it bounced back so I assume he is out of the business, too bad

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I love my Joe Kenney guards. Way better protection than stock.


Hey, C'zak: got any pictures of the ones you're looking at?


(let's face it - the guards aren't so much for the head, but the spark plug and angled resistor cap. Even a silly little tip-over can strand you unless these are protected and/or you have spares.)


EDIT: I just bought a spare set of the red 90˚ Champion spark plug resistor caps on US ebay from Green Spark Plug Company LTD in UK for 13.88 USD. They are designated:

Champion Spark Plug Cap PRO5M Red


I know those aren't "head guards," but figure on carrying your last spark plugs on board as well!

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Those polished symmetrical guards look nice!


Not sure what shipping is like to the States from The Vale of Galmorgan. Sounds like a place you would need the entire Fellowship of the Ring to get your head guards out! ;)


Although, one of the things I like about my Joe Kenney guards is the way the factory bolts recess into the guard:


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What about the rossopuro ones, they are beautifully made and came in a few colours as well. Dont know if they still make them but there site does show parts for the V11' but unfortunately no photos.

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Wait, sorry - the link I posted is for the red spark plug boots that get crushed when the bike falls over (even with the stock head guards).


The guards I show in post#8 above are Joe Kenney parts (that are apparently no longer available) which I added after a horizontal event disappointed me. :blush:

[edit/28 April, 2021: Joe Kenney headguards are again available on US Ebay]:



I edited my post to show the actual company in the UK that supplies the red Champion plug boots (resistor covers) that  are also used on some Lambretta.


Unless you're talking about the head guards being listed by the ebay seller in the Vale of Galmorgan (originally posted by czakky):


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