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Fuel stains on the ground


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I have noticed that stains are appearing on the spot where I park my bike every day. I checked underneath the bike and
everything is dry except for a small drop hanging from a black tube just behind the engine case.
Any ideas as to what is happening ? It looks like fuel is leaking onto the ground but why ?
The stains don't appear after every ride though.





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Are you sure it's fuel and not oil or oily water?  Also are you sure the drop hanging from the tube is the same stuff?


Use your nose, it can tell if it's fuel or oil pretty well.


My V11 would leak a bit of fuel from the bottom of the throttle bodies because the rubber boots were slightly cracked.  After replacing them there is no more leak.  I believe the black tube you are talking about is the crankcase breather tube, it's normal to have some slight discharge from this and it's usually oily water.  There is also a fuel tank overflow tube that comes down somewhere around there.  Generally should not vent fuel unless you're overfilling, have a leaking filler cap, or the cap vent is plugged and pressure is building up in the tank and pushing fuel out the overflow.

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I don't think it's from the fuel overflow in the tank because I just found out that it's clogged up !

so the tank might be sucking and vents it out after you stop riding.. do you hear a swoosh when you open the cap?

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