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Starting problens V11 Sport

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Dear All,


I have a 2001 V11 Sport here in the UK which gets used occasionally. It has always had a bit of a flat spot between 2500 - 3000rpm which has been a pain when moving slowly in traffic. Recently it started running iintermittently after a long run.


My local shop replaced the intake rubbers and head gasket (which was weeping very slightly) so valve clearances were done. It still didn't run quite right and a faulty coil was diagnosed. It ran a lot better after this was fitted but it has increasingly started running on one cylinder from cold and then the RH one would cut in. Now it is only running on one or one and half cylinders most of the time so it suggests that the signal being sent to the coil is at fault rather than the coil itself. Looking at the plug (which has also been replaced) it is running a lot richer on the RH cylinder than the LH one.










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Both sparks share the same timing parts.
Measure the plug leads from the cap to ground, they should be very similar in resistance, broken wire.

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Somewhere on her I posted a sketch "ECU Test Points" that shows how to measure the resistance of the various components.
I think the only way one cylinder can be richer is if an injector is playing up.
Just to make sure it's not electrical jump power to the pet cock fuse bypassing the safety circuit.

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Throttles not balanced?

+1 . . .


Martin, you figure you could handle the standard tune-up? It's likely to clear up much of your trouble . . .

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