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Guzzidiag keeps disconnecting.


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This weekend we hooked up several Guzzi's (4 California's, a Sport 1200 and my V11 2003 Le Mans to GuzziDiag and my
bike was the only one with connecting problems.

The way (try) to get things working is to connect the cables to both the laptop and V11. Guzzidiag then gets some data from
the bike (like the ECU id) and instructs me to turn on the ignition key. As soon as I do that GuzziDiag resets all values to zero as if
the bike wasn't connected. I suspect that maybe a voltage drop is causing this but alas we forgot to measure this.


Any ideas as to what may be causing the 'disconnect' ?






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It looks like a voltage drop, because the screenshot you post has data from ecu. The sequence is different,:you tell guzzidiag to connect, that tells you to turn ignition on, and guzzidiag gets ecu info. Normaly you see this behavior when people start the bike, then you have a voltage drop too, if battery isn't strong. 

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I do wish we had a step-by-step tutorial on using just guzzidiag, including the CO trim adjustment, separate from the long thread pinned above.

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I checked again with the guy who actually tried to setup the connection and Paul is right about the correct sequence.
The disconnect happens when we start te bike not when you turn the key. I was already suspecting a poor battery as
starting the bike on any given day seems like a "heavy" task for the starter. It kind off slowly turns over three
times and then the bike fires up. After a 30 minute ride it starts much better.
I already have several reasons for replacing the battery. This is another one.


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