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Synthetic Oil


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I use Mobil1 0W-40.Dont let the oil thread muppets tell you 0 weight is to low a viscosity as its not. Has adequate zddp for a flat tappet engine.Works well, particularly in colder climates.

Added benifit is you can use it in many vehicles, buy in bulk and save considerable money.

So I run it in the following

Ducati St2

Guzzi V11

Ducati 1198s (track bike)

Ducati 1000ss(track bike)

5.7 liter Gen111 Chev

Mazda Astina 2Litre V6

Hyundai 1.6

Nissan Micra 1198( 3 cylinder)

Dont use it in my GSXR1000 due to the wet clutch. It may be fine in that application as well but I havent tried it. 



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I've switched to a new organic. EMU 17951:




Seriously, I use Maxima 20w-50 full synthetic and it's fine. The manuals for these bikes specify a synthetic oil - the 2003 and later specify a lighter weight than than the earlier years.

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The new 'guzzis state 10W60 synthetic.  It's my belief that synthetic is best used in a air cooled motorcycle engine, where the syn will not "fry crispy" like dino oil.  Especially if/when you get stopped in traffic on a hot summer day...   Naw,,, that never happens, right? :2c:

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