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Stelvio frame paint

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Hi everyone,

Could anyone tell me why Moto Guzzi painted the frame using baked paint and than cover it with this super thin silver-like layer which comes off with a tiny scratch or even during cleaning.


I had to clean the battery compartment because of my Yuasa leaking battery. I had some minor scratcher at the frame next to the battery and I've decide to give it a go with the polishing past.


20160124 141258

20160124 140853

Polished paint is at high gloss and have more grey colour than the original. I say, it is a grey metallic paint.


Is there any other reasons,  besides the colour, why Guzzi repainted the frame? Maybe some UV light protection?


It is definitely a metal layer because it reacts with some acids, like sulphuric acid. It didn't react with the paint itself. 

Best to You all,


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This forum is very V11 - centric.  Probably better to ask over in the WildGuzzi.com forum.

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