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Bellagio 940 Cafe Racer Evolution

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Intro. My back story.........

Ive been sporadic, posting bits and pieces, doubling up posts and stuff, in this and other guzzi forums............. time to start a dedicated page for my Moto Guzzi Bellagio Cafe Racer Evolution.

My name's Peter - Cali Jackal Bob.
I've owned over 100 bikes. Started riding at 10 or so years old with a "Grand Prix" - home made minibike with a pull start lawn, mower engine.

I moved onto a Honda Cr 125 Elsinore 2 stroke which was too much for me at the time, so I swapped it for a Honda XR75. That was fun. I did a long jump one day, about 20 feet airborne and when I touched down, the nuts that held the seat on came loose and the seat fell off mid air which resulted into a nut crunching landing. 

Anyway, followed up with (not in this order) among others, Suzuki DR175, Honda CB750, 


CG125, cb125, 250, 400, 900, CX500,

ST1100, Kawasaki Gt750, Z250, Z400, Z750, Z650, Z1100b, Zephyr 750, VN1500, 
Yamaha Xj900, Xs250, 400, 650, ...... all Jap bikes til my BMW R11001R 

I got sideswiped by a top of penis :-) in a car who decided he wanted to be in the space i was riding in more than I was entitled to it. Killed the BMW, busted my foot and collarbone and left me looking for a replacement. My criteria for a new bike were, must be big. Large capacity engine, impressive, different, a head turner, plenty of power........ I looked at Triumph Rocket 3, Honda Valkyrie, an ST1100 streetfighter, Vmax, Yamaha MT01, (love the V Twin and sporty Muscle bike look) but wanted to do a cafe racer. Can you imagine a Valkyrie with Clip ons and a bum stop seat?

Anyway. I bought a Moto Guzzi Jackal, fully intending to make it into a cafe racer, but the draconian laws in this country make any "unapproved" modifications (whether they Improve the bikes handling or safety or not) punishable by jail or ridiculous fines, made me rethink screwing with the Jackal. That's ok though. I soon found the California to be perfect the way it was. (after stripping off the touring saddlebags and fly screen.) I didn't have the heart to meddle with perfection. I was smitten. I loved the Jackal, but more importantly, I was in LOVE with it.
..... so It became a Bobber.

I got the Guzzi Virus. I was in LOVE, infected, addicted, totally enarmoured of the Moto Guzzi brand and as the "Harpers Guzzi" Tshirt says,.... Guzzis are like potato chips,.... you cant just have one." 

Came across a 750 Breva, which I thought would be a nice cafe racer conversion,
Did a photoshop mock up,..... 

but the gearbox was stuffed. Would have cost in excess of $12000 SGD and would still have been a tired , rusty old bike....

then a mate told me of a Bellagio he knew of for sale. I went to see it on my Jackal.


so,...... being inspired by the Bellagio (and other Guzzi) Cafe Racers on the internet,

I bought the Bellagio.


Here's the story......................





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A mate lent me a V7 tank (Plastic one that was replaced under warranty because the chrome had cracked)

Tried it with a few different seat, tank combinations,.....


so I checked out how they would fit on and look before making the transformation.


Have to go with the V7 Racer tank and seat. Just looks too RIGHT.

anyway, thare are issues with making the tank fit,.... location of the ECU,... too high for the tank. Bellagio airbox, had to be removed so tank would fit, which required pod filters. I got K&N's and it runs and sounds fantastic.





Bellagio 940 Cafe Racer Evolution Part 2 with a walk around and ride.

and..... part 3, Bellagio 940 Cafe Racer Evolution

This vid shows the problems fitting the V7 tank and seat to the Bellagio 940 Cafe Racer Evolution Project.

one issue was the V7 fuel pump was seized. Wouldn't spin, so I bit the bullet, cut the wires to the Bellagio Fuel pump and took it out to see if it would fit. What I found was scary. NO fuel filter and the pump and internal wiring were held together with bits of wire!

I mentioned this to the previous owner, who told me he twice paid to change the fuel filter. He won't be using that mechanic again.

Fortunately the pump fit into the V7 mounting plate and the V7 filter was ok, so In they went.

After a lot of screwing around, I found that to make the seat fit, I had to pull the tank back. I re-used the Bellagio tank/seat bracket, flipping it upside down and back to front, then cutting a slot into it so the lock nut could slide back. That way I could bring the tank back to fit the seat.

I had to remove a couple of rubber mounts off the seat and cut away some of the plastic underside so the seat would sit low on the frame. I also had to relocate the seat lock from under the frame plate, to the top of it, so it is high enough for the seat's (shorter) locking pin to fit in the lock.


................... and Voila. They fit perfectly.

now just waiting til monday to get a tail light/signal bracket made up so it works with the side numberplate.

In the meantime Riding it around like this.

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Youtube video Part 4  of the Bellagio 940 Cafe Racer Evolution is coming as soon as I get it back from the HydroChromers.


Here's a sneak peek.




Chrome tank, Black chrome hugger.  :grin:




Chrome fender and RED chrome fork brace.  :P:




Can't wait to get back on my feet and my Guzzis back the road.

(2 months post op, one month to go.)


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Pretty damned nice is all I can say.


Great work!!!!!!



Sent from my shoe phone!

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Wow,  Thank you for posting,  what a wonderful transformation into a very tasteful and personalized ride, great job! 

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That has so many cool things going on! :thumbsup:


I like the way the same-side twin pipes balance the CARC. And little things like the headlamp visor. Nice, man!

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That has so many cool things going on! :thumbsup:


I like the way the same-side twin pipes balance the CARC. And little things like the headlamp visor. Nice, man!


Thanx buddy. I would prefer to have the pipes angled upwards to show off the single sided swingarm or even better, put them on the other side of the bike, but Singapore Sucks when it comes to modifying anything. (A mate of mine had his bike FAIL an inspection because he had a crack welded up in the exhaust!!!!  It was deemed an illegal exhaust modification. Other mates have spent months and tons of $$$ trying to get after market exhausts approved  (EU approved) (even if the same pipe has previously been  approved for another owner with the same bike !!!! ) Can't wait to go home to a sane country without so many pedantic rule abiding dicks.

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