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Gratuitous Pics of Girls + Guzzi

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"She" is the cover darling of Ian Falloon's The Moto Guzzi Story:



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Thanks docc. I wanted this book some time ago and it slipped my mind (as so many things do). I just ordered the 3rd edition, which claims to catch up on modern models. We shall see.

I would like to know more of the V11 concept drama from inception to early models. As well as where is this prototype?

Industry Reviews  (3rd ed)

This latest edition brings us bang up to date with the inclusion of the V85 concept seen in Milan in 2017. This is not a model-by-model exposition of the marque but is presented in the form of chapters representing either an era or an iconic model from the Mandello factory. Thus, the author covers the early days, racing success, the V7 and derivatives, while the Le mans and the Dr John machines get a chapter each. There is a wealth of information here for anyone interested in Moto Guzzi. The financial state of the company as it went from owner to owner and the story of the V8 racer are especially interesting. I was surprised by how many historical nuggets were to be found and there are plenty of pictures. This would make a grand gift for anyone who has recently acquired a Guzzi. Ot treat yourself. - Gambalunga. It is an excellent read and bang up to date, covering the still to be released V85 Adventure bike and with features on models and production details from 1921 to 2018. Virtually every question you could have about Guzzi's is answered. Whatever model you own you will enjoy this book. -Guzzi Parlante. As with all of their updates of older marque histories they have taken the original work first published in 1998 and modernised it, improving pictures and text where necessary without destroying the original factual tome. Just short of 300 pages it brings the story up to date and include all of this year's models. All the history is documented in the well-laid out and heavily illustrated pages, including information on their racing success during the 1930s, and then the 1950s when they dominated 250 and 350cc Grand Prix racing. Given the time span between the various updates, I would recommend any Guzzi aficionado to get a copy of this latest work in order to be ready to celebrate their centennial in a few years' time. - Ian Kerr. This book hits the coffee table with a real thud, and in it Ian Falloon successfully takes on the ominous task of telling the entire story of Moto Guzzi from its beginnings in 1921 right up to the present day. - Old Bike Mart.


I yield my time back to the good gentlemen posting Guzzi girl pics


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