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Gratuitous Pics of Girls + Guzzi

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5 hours ago, sign216 said:

Not a Guzzi, but a classic Gilera, and she even has safety gear! ;



There is really nothing I like much better than a polished Italian single crankcase.

Or two!



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Back in '09, a photog friend wanted to shoot some bike pics -- with "girls" -- so he lined up an aspiring model and my '07 Griso 1100.  Wish I still had that bike ... and wish I, uhm, ... .

Guzzi with girl, Southie


Nice pic of the bike, IMO:

Guzzi glow

Looking the other way, less natural light, more clothing:



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The bike was pretty new-to-me at the time, the canister came off soon afterwards.  Gotta say, I liked the toaster oven on the lower right side.  One friend thought the muffler came off a rooftop HVAC unit, but I liked it, a conversation starter.   I kept the bike fairly stock, ProTaper handlebar etc., sold it a couple of years later, I was fickle in my youth.

The model moved to Montreal and stays connected via Linkedin.  That's all I know.

May 5, 2010 Hollis NH


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I always thought this as "just another photo shoot" of the V11, but seems it is rather a celebrity shoot at the 2003 European Motor Show Brussels ("Brussels Salon") of the "V11 Playboy EE" (Exclusive Edition) . . .


Is this the only known image of that v11?

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