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Gratuitous Pics of Girls + Guzzi

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11 hours ago, guzzigary said:

I thought the 50 referenced an anniversario.:mg:
V7 1967-2017 (?)

Hey, now! The actual answer! :thumbsup:  It was quite fun posting the bull$#|! replies, though . . . ;)


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4 hours ago, gstallons said:

Photos : priceless !

If I heard her correctly, and my exchange rates are right, mille lire is about 50¢ US in today's money. That dude did not hesitate to shuck about a dime in 1967 money.

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50 minutes ago, docc said:

If I heard her correctly, and my exchange rates are right, mille lire is about 50¢ US in today's money. That dude did not hesitate to shuck about a dime in 1967 money.

not enough caffeine in me yet, but i'm thinking 1000 Lire back then would have been closer to $1.50 (600-700 Lire per dollar in 70's?), and gas was likely down around .30 cents/gal (?), so she probably got a decent top-up for the top-off....

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1 hour ago, docc said:

Is this clip from a full length film? Does anyone know?

It appears to be from the film, “Il Profeta” (the prophet?), as shown in this page with the poster......


if you search for the title or posters for the title all sorts of stuff shows up, some with Ann Margaret and some with other nice young ladies, but all with the goofy dude with his goat and rags. Perhaps there was a series of films or shows with this character, an ascetic type, being confronted with sexy young ladies. Like mixing Benny Hill and John the Baptist. I want that poster! Btw, Ms. Margaret is a real-life motorcyclist.

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On 10/31/2017 at 4:55 PM, sign216 said:

Obi Wan says; "Be mindful of your thoughts, Luke.  They betray you."



This thread had to be reviewed in its entirety. Your faithful Moderator. You're welcome. And thank you . . .



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(200 kb only sucks with these sorts of topics)

My wife thinks I’m on another oil thread... 🥸

Now, do you reckon that’s about 5W30 weight?

Yes Darling, coming...

Phwoarrr! That’s one well lubed Italian Nevada right there!!


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Well, as far as bums on a bike go, this is a Honda, not a Guzzi, but do you all remember the movie, “Vanishing Point”? 


It may not be “Citizen Kane”, but that movie, along with “Easy Rider”, and “Electra Glide in Blue”, had as much to do with anything to put me in the saddle. As a very wee lad, me and my pals would jump the chain link fence at the local drive-in and appropriate a speaker where we would sit at the very back of the lot watching these motoplotation movies. It wasn’t long after seeing “Easy Rider” and wearing out the soundtrack LP, that I was able to get my hands on a Briggs and Stratton powered mini bike.....and here I am, still looking at bums on a bike.

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