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Gratuitous Pics of Girls + Guzzi

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As great and hot as these pics are, I keep coming back to Ann-Margret as the ultimate Guzzi girl. I know these pics have been posted before, but look in her eyes, and the lines of her body on the bike. She’s one with the bike, the power of the bike is coming through her. She really knew how to work a camera. And she really loved riding motorcycles. Mmmmmm.



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I like that she speaks with the northern accent, typically she does not roll the "R" like Italian do. She uses the throaty "R", like transalp cousins.

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[moderator's note: Lots of the older image links are broken. Sometimes, I have been able to restore them. Yet, if you find one of your links gone dead, it is much appreciated if you restore it . . . :thumbsup: ]

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You must have seen what I posted, then deleted, when I saw that it was a dead link ... from 2016.  


Off to ride now on this nice day before the snow falls tomorrow.  :race:




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I am counting on @p6x to flood this thread with images to bury this last post.

I'm  getting burned out having my photographic memory erased after this sort of thing . . .


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And one of my all time favorites:


Playmate Tanya Dexters at the early 2003 Brussels Salon on the 2003 V11 Playboy EE (Exclusive Edition).

Is this really the only known image from that photo shoot?

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