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Lucky Phil extender mod


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This is a long shot, but considering my upcoming replacement of the new and improved shift selector spring, I figured I'd try to round that install out nicely by installing one of these bad boys as well.  Is there any chance there's one available? Maybe someone has one lying around that never got installed? Spring '18 group buy perhaps? 
Thanks all!

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Still available ?

After distributing a few springs in New Zealand, I saw what a chore it must have been for Scud distributing all those shift springs, and the same for Chuck with the last batch of levers. I'd like to suggest that one guy could buy the next set of shift levers from Chuck (if Chuck wants to make more) and that guy handles all the ordering and posting to others. I bet Chuck dreads "packing & fondling" and retail sales more than making stuff.
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@MartyNZ, Are you volunteering these efforts for NZ and perhaps Australian orders?

I'll let Chuck comment on how he wants to handle lower 48 distribution if so, if we can get to the min order quantity of course. 

Looks like we've got some work to do to get to 10 orders. As far as I can tell we have 3 so far:


Stumble_t: 1

bbolesaz: 1

Ian : 1

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Hi Chuck

I think 30 guys did order before I GOT to page 7.

Yes I would like to order 2.

If springs are available, 2 of those to please.

Thanks tom.

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Where should I send the money for at least one shifter plate mod? 

At $50 each I'd buy a pair you never know when you might need another........





That's 8. I'll inquire with the water jet shop to see if they want to mess with it. Don't send any money yet..

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