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"Norris SS" cam. I'm interested - any opinions & advic

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"     Raceco UK October 4, 2017 ·  Raceco Moto Guzzi SS2 and SS3 camshafts will be produced during the month of October. Some will be available for outright purchase or you can send your c

Norris motorcycle cams are now Megacycle cams and have been for some time. Some info for you. http://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/norris-cam-history.296994/   Ciao

I was looking at this cam upgrade business and came across HMB cams in Germany mentioned on Wild Guzzi.  I googled HMB and their upgraded cam was worth like 3 HP.  On some of the other older Guzzi mod

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I always have trouble with these youtube experts when they are going along with a reasonable explanation about stuff albeit basic and then they make a total howler of a mistake or omission. I take the attitude that there is generally something to learn even if you go through 49min and only learn 1 thing. I stopped at 18min after he added up all the spring pressures and got a big number about how much power it took to drive the cam. The reality is it takes a lot less power to drive a cam than people imagine because you're compressing springs. Springs store energy and the energy needs to go somewhere so the spring gives back the energy that's used to compress it. Its not obviously the same amount because everything has losses but it's not the massive loss you might think. I think this needs explaining however he gets caught up in a "big number" for dramatic effect scenario which I find annoying and a bit misleading. 


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