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When this discussion reaches half time , what is the best relay to put in each position ?

gstallons, run the continuity test on your 2003 and we'll be closer to an answer to your question.

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*Best* relay available for the V11 is the High-Current OMRON G8HE-1C7T-R-DC12 Available here (as of August 2020): https://www.onlinecomponents.com/omron-electronics/g8he1c7trdc12-42670683.ht

Dear me and for goodness sake. I don't mean to be disrespectful, but at this point in our well developed knowledge base and reliable testing of these simple units, why would anyone choose to run cheap

Problem solved! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Posted Images



02 LM - build 11/2001 no continuity



Same as footgoise

Continuity from Fuse 5  to Relay#2, then?





yes, relay 2 to fuse 5 outboards shows .5 ohms


As Kiwi_Roy has said, your Relay#1 is livin' easy :rasta:


But you're starting your V11 through the Ignition Switch (if I am understanding the trade-off?).


Keep your Ignition Switch cleaned and serviced and run the *best* (high current) relay in Position #5.

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*If* your #1 Starter Relay is "livin' easy" :rasta: , the only stressed relays are #2 (10-15 amps NO) and, especially #5     [Fuel injection/ignition/fuel pump relay in Position #5 moves over 20 amps in the NO position]. Use a serious relay in Position #5, rated over 20 amps NO.


Here's an easy way to see if your (later V11) Relay#1 is livin' easy :rasta: :


Pull Fuse 5, and Relay #1. With an Ohm meter, check continuity between the Fuse connector (outboard) and contact 30 for the relay (also outboard).


Continuity? You have the *stressed*  :blink: #1 Relay moving over 10 amps through the NC contacts. Use a Major League Relay in Position #1 (rated over 10 amps in the NC position).


If Fuse 5 is continuous to Relay#2/ contact 30 (outboard), your #1 Relay is livin' easy  :rasta: but you're starting the V11 through the Ignition Switch :unsure: (the Ignition Switch should always be cleaned and kept serviced, regardless):



I did the above test on a 2002 (external fuel pump) and 2003 (internal fuel pump). Both showed no continuity.


The way I see it - run the best relays in every position. So it's the new Omron now? or the Panasonic? 

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The way I see it - run the best relays in every position. So it's the new Omron now? or the Panasonic? 


+1 on using the best relays we can find. The spec sheet on the OMRON high current G8HE is pretty compelling. It's the only micro relay I've seen that is rated 35 amps NO for the load on the #5 [Fuel Injection] position.


Let's all realize that the Panasonic is a good relay and rated 10/20 for continuous current while the OMRON is rated 20amps/35amps continuous.


+1 also for  :notworthy: Kiwi_Roy :thumbsup: , once again, coming through with the wiring change that looks to have started in 2002 and lets the #1 Starter Relay *live easy*. The question becomes, on those V11, where does the electrical stress go on start-up? Simply harder on the Ignition Switch?

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Docc - I await your decision/advice. It looks like that OMRON unit has a 4-pin and 5-pin version. The Amazon link you posted earlier shows both 4s and 5s and I couldn't figure out how to specify the 5s. From the spec sheet, it appears the 5-pin is part number:  G8HE-1C7T-R (the number for the 4-pin has an A instead of a C).


When you're satisfied, will you re-post the "final solution" and link(s) to purchase? I just want the doctor to tell me what to do...  :rasta:

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Correct on the "C" being the 5-pin. The picture concerned me also, but I see they simply copied the photo from the spec sheet, which shows the 4-pin "form A" as well. I've always long been a fan of using 5-pin in all the positions, even though that is only required in Position #1, but the Form A version could be used in Position#5 and is rated 35 amps continuous.

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The Amazon seller replied immediately to say they are sourcing from one of their distributors and will ship to me next week. I suppose, because they not actually the supplier, they know nothing of inventory levels and availability.


OMRON also replied promptly:

"8T2T-14B192-BA is a Ford OEM relay.     Omron makes this relay to Ford Specifications.

G8HE-1C7T-R1-DC12 is made to a Catalogue specification.    Omron does not sell OEM relays nor do we have recommended cross."    


I cannot find the Ford specifications for this relay, so cannot say if it is truly equivalent to the high capacity OMRON. It would be remarkable if the continuous current rating checks out and we could walk into any auto parts supplier and get a Ford fuel pump relay with confidence! Anyone have that Ford relay spec?




At this point, I would say: if you can source the High Current G8HE-1C7T-R-DC12 OMRON, its specification is unsurpassed by anything we have seen. I will not be convinced the OMRON-built Ford relay is truly equivalent unless someone can show the actual ratings for continuous current. Don't be fooled by the "in-rush" rating which is always higher than continuous and how the Panasonic gets marketed as 20/35 (in-rush, not continuous, which is 10/20).

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Docc , where did you get this part # 8T2T-14B192-BA ?

 Do you have an application for this relay ?

This ebay seller states the it is the "same" as the high capacity G8HE:



OMRON told me that is a Ford part made by OMRON to Ford specification, but that they do not provide cross reference to the OMRON cataloged parts.


No known application at this point. Similar "looking" relays appear to be used in fuel pump applications, but I have no specifics. I've seen that the high current relay is often used for blower motors, among other common applications.

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I can't find the G8HE from Mouser or DigiKey.


But here they are in 5-pin for "easy money" ($3.08US each) from "Onlinecomponents.com/ findchips.com," Phoenix, AZ, USA :


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