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I am also trying to figure out an intercept operation. Thanks for keeping us up on the plan.

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I suppose it will be a sad day in Nicky's home town as Bill mentioned on WG.

  :notworthy:    Truly . . . .

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Yes, docc, re lodging.


And, yes, LowRyter, re sadness in Daviess County. Nice piece here:




I am battling a sinus infection. Off to the doc in a few minutes. Can't let that interfere with muttony!



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[cross-posted from w/g]



BLUF: Cease Fire!

I surrender.
The weather does not worry me.  As I think Ken Hand said, “If everybody watched weather channel, no one would ride!”
A sodden run, punctuated by delays of T-storms, would, however, take the fun out of it for Kathi, with whom I was looking forward to making the trip two-up.
But, the real warstopper is not rain, but illness.  
I have been sick (and literally in bed) since last Sunday.  Some sort of one-two punch from a 24-hour bug -- complete with [TMI follows] projectile vomiting that missed the porcelain target by yards  :shocked: -- with a sinus infection accomplice.  I have been out once, to the doc, and that didn’t help.  Just one of those wait-it-out things.  I am still waiting.  If anything, worse today than before.   :sad:
I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in this result.  Have been planning this for months and looking forward to the reunion with Guzzisti and others as the centerpiece of this season’s riding.  But, I suppose that even I must now and then exercise good judgment and do the right thing.
I may go back in and whine to the docs again today, as their last counsel hasn’t changed anything.
Anyway, regrets to all.  Hope some go despite rain.  You'll have a fine time.
P.S. I cancelled first-night's motel in Ashland, but may leave in a small escape valve in case I am miraculously cured.  Kathi and I might drive down on Saturday in the Mini, but even that is likely false hope.
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Good call on not pushing it. Spending a few days inside a motorcycle helmet sharing space with a sinus infection is not a formula for recovery, let alone a good time . .


Rest up, get well, buddy!

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The Kid and I blew it off since the east coast guys and Moto aren't coming. We'll go hang out with some friends in Mooresville, N.C. , then down to the dragon, etc, and back through the Ky bourbon country.

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I'll head that way on my own on Sunday, and just not cross the river. Southern Indiana is lookin pretty fine right now. Guess I'll have to wait till SR17 to see ya'll. Not too far off now, is it. I just got over a bad cold/bronchitis/maybe somekindof pneumonia... 2 months it took me. So take care Bill.

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[similar post in w/g, tho only a few there and here had much interest.   :grin: ]





Well, as those who care know, the Mutton Run fell apart.  
Most made alternate plans.  Only a few stayed home because of weather, and I cannot blame them.  
It is also possible that some actually will get to Owensboro. Sure hope so!
Anyway, N.J. Nick came by last night to get out of Joisey and make a head-start on a weekend at Willville.  
My continuing status in the Invalid Corps -- just back from a (very impressive) PA's exam and new drugs -- made it clear I was right not to try to make Kentucky this a.m.  Both Kathi and Nick muttered this morning about my coughing incessantly during the night.  Actually, that was a nice switch from the usual snoring complaints!   :whistle:
Anyway, after a grappa (or two) last evening  :drink:  -- tho I sipped codeine cough syrup instead  :wacko:  -- Nick got up early to get in a leisurely run down the Commonwealth via Front Royal, Skyline Drive, and who knows.
Wish I could have joined you, Nick, and look forward to being "healed" in time for W.N.Y. in a week or so.
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The Kid will be here tonight with Spot on a trailer. Last night he said he had a total of 25 miles on it this year, so this will be the run to see what falls off.  :rasta:  Since (ahem) he's in poor riding shape, we'll only go 300 miles or so tomorrow to Charleston, WV, where there happens to be a Hooters within walking distance of the hotel where we're staying . Funny how that happened.. :)

We'll continue our mini spine raid through Mooresville, NC (race city, pronounced rice) they go ricin there.. through Asheville to see the Mayor of BBQ (doesn't post here) and get a free beer at his brewpub if you're on a Guzzi.

Then down the blue ridge, but that is as far as we've planned, so far.

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