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Looking for a specific Power Commander Map - Help?

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Hey all,


I have an 04 V11 Sport Coppa Italia.  I have just removed the stock exhaust (the one with the crossover tube in front) and replaced with a set of Mistrial Exhaust pipes that do not have the crossover in front.  I also have installed a Mistral X-Over and a set of Mistral Carbon cans in back.  Stock Airbox.  


I have a PCIII and both a stock and 'Race' ECU.  Does anyone have a PC Map for this setup.  I found a map on the Power Commander site that said it was for a Mistral X-Over but it is actually for a Stucchi which you can not get anymore it seems.  


Any help much appreciated as usual!





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Try GuzziTech website - Todd E there is the master of maps

In fact I'll take it a step further. Call Todd and have him reprogram your ECU and ditch the Power Commander altogether. I have a Scura with a PC3 and a Lemans with an ECU set up by Todd.. Night and day.

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Thanks.  I think I will give that a try.  Especially since I have two ECUs.  The standard and the race ECU that came with the bike.  I am currently running the race version so perhaps I will send the standard one to Todd if he agrees to mod it for me.

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