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Sunday ride on my V11

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That's the last straw!



*FART-eenth South'n Spine Raid at your place! :mg:


(Glad you found her by the roadside . . . none of us could likely resist her charms . . . ) :oldgit:

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Bring it on!  We have 421 through Shady Valley, Hwy 58 out of Damascus and good roads down to Hot Springs!  Heck, maybe a few more Guzzi will pop up on the road side. :rolleyes:   But I am going to try and make it, I need to block the calendar.


I think a complete tear down is in order, so far nothing is frozen on it, and it is complete, that is what I like about it.  The exhaust is not original, so in my eyes it can be replaced, one crash bar is bent, I think the rear shocks are toast, I could not get it on the center stand last night.


It will be a fun project, a good Blue Ridge Parkway bike, maybe I can get her done by next fall.

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 I could not get it on the center stand last night.

There's actually a trick to putting a loop on the center stand. I forget what it is, but it isn't intuitive..

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OK, be honest, who gave up on me and this Bike?

Not done yet, made a lot a progress a few years ago, but got distracted.  I will be back on it in a month or two as soon as I get my workshop cleaned out and organized so I can get her in it and finish it.

All new paint, powder coated the frame, forks, swing-arm, etc.  Rebuilt the engine (new piston and liners, rebuilt heads) did some transmission work, new wiring, a few custom touches here and there.

A few issues I need to work out, rear wheel is dragging on something, I put new bearings in and shimmed them, I think I just need to shim the wheel, have the shims, just need to play with it.  Bevel gear box is leaking at the input, I think I might have forgotten the o-ring, have new o-rings to put in if that is the case.  I had some transfer on the inside of the left fork, I need to pull it apart and see if I can get rid of the transfer material, right now the fork is locked up, have a spare set of forks, but would need to powder coat the lower if I do replace it.

Hoping to to be riding her this spring.

Ambass side sm.jpg

Ambass Back sm.JPG

Ambass Dash sm.JPG

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And the right tank, have a backup tank on there now.

And the V11 replacement, I finally got back into riding some last year, Love the Quota, just had to play with the timing some to get it running well below 4k rpm.

Ambass Tank sm.JPG

Quota sm.JPG

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