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Bill Hagan

Two Member Rally at T.W.O. ...

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... or whatever it's close-to-that new name is these days for that iconic moto-gathering place is in north Georgia at Suches.


So, on hearing that I'd be in Atlanta this week, JRD here -- who (lucky guy) has a place in Hiawassee -- wondered if we might meet up that way.


Hmmmm.  Not sure about that. Great roads, new Guzzi, AWOL spousal supervisor?  No, I am very sure.  I'll be there.  :grin:


So, we did.


More pix later -- after I get back from the Apple $tore to see about my dropped and dead MBP  :homer: -- but here are few.


Left Cross Junction early on Saturday a.m.  [Kathi the Bastille Day flags after I pulled away]







Thirteen-plus hours later -- during which I was the Toyota Toad in the Road for 600+ miles  :blink: -- I made it to Atlanta.


Next day, rode the Stornello to Dahlonega, had a breakfast that would have appalled Kathi  :food: ...






... wandered up and over Woody Gap to T.W.O ...






... and found JRD with friends.  [JRD is on the right  :grin: ]







Thanks for coming down, Jerry.   :mg:


More soon ... if Apple can fix my laptop.



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Glad to see Jerry is still making friends like the truly golden (retriever?) guy he is! :thumbsup:

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