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Install Deformed Fuel Tank


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15 hours ago, gstallons said:

No , fill it FULL and try doing this .

Are you sure?

There's a ton of info on the subject in here and I haven't read it all; but I was under the impression that it was the ethanol in the gas absorbing water,,, and the plastic in the tank absorbing that water that made them expand and unable to fit.

I was sure that I had read that some people emptied the tanks for a while and they shrunk back to normal size and were then able to fit them on?


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Over the past 10 years I have personally done 4-5  tanks for myself and a 2-3  for friends , Aprilia,Ducati,and Moto guzzi V-ll "Plastic" tanks( they are actually a Nylon formula if you read in depth on the subject on posts over the past 10-20 years on Ducati websites like " ducati ms)) tanks that were Swollen..a couple REALLY swollen so swollen you could barely get them off the frame, On all the ones I did I took them off for at least three or four months.. ( I have talked about it here before). I  always did  it over the winter months to not lose as much riding time..unless I had a spare tank.., I  wash them well,pull the filler, and petcock, and internal pump.. then let them sit in my Wife's planting sun room for at least 3 months..and I stuck a cheap hair dryer in the filler hole and run it on high every couple days..after the three or four months I treat them with a "FULL"can of Caswell "Blood" sealer, making sure to reach all inside areas,( following their directions) and then let them dry another week before installing..they all shrunk and went back on easy peasy..and to date none of them have re-swollen as far as I know. One Aprilia "Factory tank"had multiple bubbles..I carefully heated the bubble with a heat gun, then used a needle and punctured the bubble and pressed it down hard with a thumb and re heated..that one I did 4-5 years ago and still looks good.

So..FWW..thats my experience 


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