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New Mexico MGNOC Rally, My Ride

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So, I'd heard a lot of good things about the New Mexico MotoGuzzi National Owners Club (MGNOC) rally held annually in Datil, NM.  Always game for a ride, I hooked up with some of the Zonie Guzzi riders to attend.

Left the east valley early Friday morning with a Norge rider, coincidentally also named Brian. The plan was to ride up Salt River Canyon and hook up in Show Low with JJ, Mike and Andy. Had a great ride through the SRC, didn't get slowed down by any traffic. The Salt River was flowing strongly at the bottom of the canyon.


We stayed at the Largo Hotel in Quemado. It has been revonated recently and was quite comfortable if a bit of a ride from Datil. (42 miles)


Went over to the rally site in the afternoon. The guy behind the table on the right is Matt who puts the rally on.  That trailer is a home/workshop that he stays in and also does wrenching on Guzzi bike needing some help.  The Zonie gang is sitting around. The bike in the foreground is the door prize. Yep, an entire running bike as a door prize.



Lots of space for tent camping at the rally.


Rally dog.


Not often you see 2 Scura's in one place.  Mine's on the left. Mike's on the right.



Friday dinner.  Hot dogs and a yummy Hatch green chili stew.



By Friday night, there were 67 attendees.  I think 87 was the total for the weekend.



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Saturday morning I rode out of Quemado on NM-32.  Went and visited Quemado lake.




NM-32 had some interesting sections.


Andy was helping Matt set up Guzzidiag on a windows machine.  I helped with some driver install for windows.


After that, I rode over to the Very Large Array (VLA) to snap some pix of big antennas.


Yep, that's a big antenna.


That needs a very big hangar workshop to be fixed in.


And gets moved around traintracks by a very big rail tractor.


Saturday afternoon, a few monsoon thunderstorms were wandering around.


Also Saturday afternoon, all of the bikes are lined up for the bike judging.




Here's the lucky winner of the giveaway bike. Hey, I've seen that guy at the AZ Beemer Hannagan Meadow event also !


Evenings were spend winding down and drinking up at the Largo.  Gotta love the old time painted roof.


Gratuitous New Mexico sunset pix.


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Eh Scura, oh Scuzi.


Since I was in the neighborhood, I had to make a run down US-191, a.k.a. the Devil's Highway.  Sunday morning there was spotty rain, but most of the best parts were dry to slightly damp.  Only caught a bit of drizzle a couple of times. When it was wet, I just kept the pegs an inch or so above the pavement and all was OK.
This is Hannagan Meadow.


Here's a tasty tidbit of tarmac tenderloin !


Old mine equipment from Morenci mine.


Got home by mid afternoon avoiding most of the Phoenix heat. Did 337 miles Friday.  188 miles Saturday. 359 miles + US-191 Sunday.  Scura ran without a hiccup.

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Hatch Green Chiles and Tarmac Tenderloin.  :food:


We get 20-40 pound of those Chiles every year. Roast... freeze... stay spicy all year.


Great report and pics. Thanks. Looking forward to meeting and hopefully riding with you and some more Scuristi at the San Diego not-a-rally.

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Thanks for taking us along.. :thumbsup:

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