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Bleeding the Clutch


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I found a forum topic on the simple way to bleed the clutch - http://www.v11lemans...clutch cylinder - but how do you reach the bleed screw in the first place without having to remove anything for accessibility?

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I've learned what tools to use to bleed the clutch slave without even taking the rear wheel off, but it's easier if you do.


Certainly, a picnic with the swingarm  out . . .

I'd like to avoid removing the rear wheel off (not to mention the swingarm) and I accept that the procedure will take me longer if I don't. What tools will I need. Just the appropriately sized wrench with a real long handle to make the reach?

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Mine has the carbon rear hugger. With the stock plastic one I think it would have to come off. 


I slip left hand up behind the shock reservoir and right hand through the triangle of tubes on the LH side of the swingarm. Pop off the rubber cap, chase it around the garage. Slip a regular 10mm combination wrench through the rear, using the box end on the bleeder. Use left hand to help. Lots of room in front of the tire to swing the wrench. Run bleeder hose in under the shock reservoir. Use right hand to help put it on the bleeder fitting. I don't have gigantic hands so that probably helps.


Proceed to bleed clutch. 


Or as stated, remove the swingarm, but that takes a lot longer.

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Just cleaned up my front brakes and changed the oil. Looking across to the clutch cylinder on the bars and the fluid looks like cold tea. I know it’s a pain to get to the bleed nipple so have sort of ignored it for a long time :bbblll:.  Any way the battery is out of the bike, so I removed the starter motor and the rear shock cylinder thing, all the room you will ever need to get to the bleed. Job done, easy peasy :bike:

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