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Re-engineering the Shift Spring

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Sorry for any confusion. I was just checking on an option (and an extremely expensive one at that) in case neither of the other spring makers would make up an order.  It is clear that we do not need space shuttle-quality springs - or at space shuttle price.

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Just talked with the guys at the spring company. It seems their manufacturing tolerances are not quite as tight as Chuck's experience. However, we have sorted it out and they are making a new batch of

Yeah, grumble about the bit being too long (but that's better than too short).  However, there's no way I'm sending out any springs that cannot be installed as-is. While I appreciate the offers of hel

Anywhere someone is allowed to express their opinion. While we think of this as detrimental it's actually a key component of crowdsourcing. If you get enough people expressing their perspective you wi

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Order is placed. If all goes well, I can ship out springs before January 15, 2020. 

How to order:

I'd prefer that you send money via PayPal as a friend (to avoid fees) and include your shipping address in the PayPal notes. My PayPal ID is scudder(dot)tim(at)gmail(dot)com. 

$12.00 per spring

Please Add:

  • $8.00 for US Postal Service (USPS) shipping to USA
  • $12.00 for USPS shipping to Canada
  • $18.00 for USPS shipping anywhere else

You can send funds now if you want, I will pre-address all the boxes so I can just drop in the appropriate number of springs and do a mass-mailing on "spring day."  I'll make another forum donation when I pass the financial break-even point.

Let there be no fear... of bike stuck in gear... far away or near.       :race:

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Thanks guys - this is working nicely. I'm stacking up the boxes as the orders come in... and filling out the customs forms.

By the way, I had a good talk with the manufacturer and they are paying close attention to the specs since we needed a re-do last time.

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Thanks guys. I appreciate the addresses coming along with the PayPal funds. Makes my life easy. I am stacking up the boxes.

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Scud, here's the list of interested members. Cross off those who have already sent funds.

1. po18guy (2) springs.

2. Flooky  (2) springs

3. Stumble_t (2)

4. PhillipLarsen (2)

5. MGrego (2)

6. 80CX100 (2)

7. Bob Maynard (2)

8. BelAir63 (2)

9. Motormike (2)

10. JBBenson (2)

11. Kevin_T (3)

12. ObdewlaX (2)

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Hmmm... I have 9 boxes ready, based on payments received through this evening. You can see some of the forum names above, but some PayPal payments came with addresses and I don't know their forum names. This is working fine for me. I think some people were just going to order a couple to make it worthwhile for the community - not because they needed the springs. As I mentioned earlier, nobody should feel compelled to buy anything. I'm comfortable with this small financial risk.

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Hey Scud, I just sent a pay pal for 2 springs. 

I was hoping to add enough extra so you could have a good beer or Starbucks while you were packing my springs; but by the time the international fees and the exchange rate kicked my Canadian dollars around, you'd be lucky to get a stale coffee at the 7-11, ;~) lol js.

Thank you so much for taking this on again, and very obviously doing a hell of a fine job

Very much appreciated



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