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Re-engineering the Shift Spring

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Indeed! Nice, shiny, well packaged springs arrived. By way of comparison, they make the OEM spring look like something from a Pearl River Delta toy.

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Just talked with the guys at the spring company. It seems their manufacturing tolerances are not quite as tight as Chuck's experience. However, we have sorted it out and they are making a new batch of

Yeah, grumble about the bit being too long (but that's better than too short).  However, there's no way I'm sending out any springs that cannot be installed as-is. While I appreciate the offers of hel

Anywhere someone is allowed to express their opinion. While we think of this as detrimental it's actually a key component of crowdsourcing. If you get enough people expressing their perspective you wi

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Scud, I just PayPal'd and sent my new address for the 2 springs I reserved. 

Thanks for doing this...!

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My springs arrived today, thanks to everyone that made this possible.

SCUD, thank you so much for jumping into this guzzi parts game again, and helping us keep our bikes going in fine form.


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5 hours ago, footgoose said:

so, it didn't connect to the post I asked it to so... scroll to 'Large Blocks, V10 V11'  , then to 'V11 gear box spring break, the cause.'  It's worth the trip


Seems legit


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