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Camshaft recommendation needed

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I installed a Web Cam 86B in my '85 Lemans 1000; that required extensive work to both heads and block, changing to Ford lifters. The results, however, are magnificent. Better power throughout, smoother powerband, and awesome drivability. 
That said;

I have it apart again now, because the R&D spring kit loses control about 7k rpm. Installing heavy springs. More work.
Bigger engines swallow camshafts. the extra 10% displacement might make this cam too efficient in the 2500-3500 range and cause detonation. It's marginal in the 1000. 

I did 10,000 miles this fall on my injected 1100 Sport, all stock but for the exhaust and ECM. The stock cam is reportedly designed by Crane, and is a far better touring cam than I expected it to be. Good power throughout, good drivability (extra important with the high 1st gear in the Sport) and a rush from 4k rpm up. I'd recommend it, perhaps on an engine with lower compression I'd shave the cylinder .030" but i don't know the stock numbers. 

It seems to me, that from the stock LM4 cam (brick with no bottom end power and a big rush) to the Web 86b (properly designed modern profile) to the stock Sporti cam, pretty much anything is drivable and tunable in these dinosaur motors. So I'd go out on a limb and say that if you want increased performance, lean towards the higher end of recommended 'street' cams. 

Let your tuning ability be your guide.

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Agree   :thumbsup:


I'm no expert on cam design or application, so if an expert tells me (and he did  ;) ) that a given cam is better for everyday street riding, versus another cam is really only good for high RPM racing, I'll go with the street recommendation for a street bike every time.

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