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Roadside tire repair

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In my right V11 Tekno pannier, I always carry a "Slime" brand air compressor and a plug kit that (I thought) originally was sold by "Progressive" here in The States.


I've used it a couple times and the plug is amazing. I mean really amazing: "Vulcanizing", even!  This is not the typical "rope plug" that has to be shoved through a jagged hole and the tool twisted around to pull back out. These are conical shaped plugs with an adhesive strip that reacts with the separate cement to actually Vulcanize to the tire rubber. The tool presses the plug in using an axial recess in the plug without "sharing" the hole (making it bigger).


I need to replace the cement (and wouldn't mind sourcing some fresh plugs) and can't seem to find them in The States.  Anyone have any insight about this excellent product?


Maruni Industry (Japan) Vulcanizing Cement Super Valkarn 11g




These are the excellent plugs:



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Here is an image from the inside of a punctured/repaired tire after about 250 miles at last year's South'n Spine Raid.  Once the tire was off, I pressed the tip of my Benchmade folder *HARD* against the plug to try and push it through from the outside. No go. "Vulcanized!"


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is that a previous inside patch? And I hope you find something. I need a kit

No patch (some sort of inventory or production label). Rider arrived with a nail in the tire. Removed nail, reamed hole lightly, installed Vulcanizing plug. Rode 200 miles to the South'nSpineRaid and the next day about 50-60 miles to the new tire.


That plug was never coming loose. "Vulcanized." Seriously.


Not sure why these no longer appear available in the USA. Best plug kit EVER. 


DISCLAIMER: Be careful with that Vulcan(izing) business!


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I have a Stop and Go plug kit and I also keep a Slime compressor with me.


I've used the compressor more times than I can remember.  It works fine, it's a little tricky to thread on the valve stem.


I've used the plug kit twice.  Once on the rear of my EV and another on the right front on my Isuzu Trooper.  Neither tire ever leaked.  I carry both with me when I travel in my Corvette which has run flat tires and no spare or jack.  I am not sure I would find a nail because the car is low to the ground and the tires are very wide.


I highly recommend both the Stop and Go kit and the Slime compressor.  I seldom ride a motorcycle without those in my tank bag.

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I gave up on sourcing the Miruni Super Valkarn vulcanizing cement and sourced this instead (I presume it will work with the Maruni plugs):


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That looks like it would work.

I am not sure how critical it is. And with your focus on "vulcanizing" I wonder about an RTV.... Would need to be thin enough to flow into the tight space, and might be a horrible idea.

I use the stuff Slime sells, which looks to be more of a classic rubber cement and does not "vulcanize".

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I wouldn't stress too much the vulcanising aspect. The times when rubbers were rubber are long over.

I have a friend who takes tissue and super-glue/cyano for it. A plug on this basis works for 5000 km and more (you seldomly have a worn tyre pierced)

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5 minutes ago, LowRyter said:

the plugs on the Stop and Go kit comes with no cement or tubes.   The plugs are gummy.

Yeah, I don't mind using those on my lawn tractors. These things are more clinical and very impressive how little the tire has to be further damaged to seat the plug and remove the tool.


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