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I think I got it, well most of the Cough

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Has it really been since August 2018??


Rode to Utah and Nevada rallies with the poor state of tune.  I lost the tach bezel somewhere in Nevada along Hwy 50 - downside of extended triple digit speeds - the only way to make Hwy 50 interesting.


My Duc mechanic said he needed bungs for his sniffers to tune so I cut the balance tube off the stock headers and after waiting 3 months for my #3 son to weld them.  I got tired of waiting and found another old stainless steel fabricator to weld the holes closed.


I downloaded Guzzidiag and found the cylinder temp gage was working.


Yesterday I dropped the bike off with the Duc Mechanic and he just gave me the bad news.  The TPS is all over the place and the tune won't hold.  He gave me the litany of possibilities but I suspect the TPS (even though it's maybe 4000 miles or 1 year old) and the ECU.  So I'm going to purchase another TPS from Ca-cycleworks .... and send my ECU to Jeffries at MYECU for a rebuild.


The saga continues......

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Well after riding the Lemans in the 100+ California heat with it being almost unrideable I've decided to "fall back and punt" on the fix.

 Today I just got back from a 10 hour round trip to deliver the V11 to The Zen House in Point Arena, Ca.  David has experience with V11's so I'm hopeful he'll find the problem.

Report in a few weeks on the results.

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