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Aftermarket Mufflers - Mistrals

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I would have thought the left side needed to move much more than that.


Careful observers will notice that the left side muffler bracket is on the inside and the right one is on the outside.

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Middle of June, and still raining quite a bit.  Good excuse to put Red back into the shop and get the new exhaust installed.  Looks pretty, to my eye.  I like the sound of all the exhausts I’ve h

I never got an answer about the maps, I've been using the stock map and enjoying the sound. To be honest I've been riding my sh#tty Norton and suffering with the overrun. Pray for me.

That's what you feel like you get when you are standing at the parts counter..

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Your passenger pegs are different?


I’m afraid to look for a crack on the frame.


Yes, the Titanium exhaust kit came with a set of shorter hangers. This puts the passenger pegs up higher and changes the angle of the pipes. Here they are on a Greenie... 




But they are on my Scura now.




If you are going to bend the hanger, I think the actual bending will be at the weld between the tab and frame, not the hanger itself. That's why I asked about checking for a crack before you bend it back. It probably won't take more than a few degrees bend at the tab to move the bottom of the bracket enough for you.

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42544229771_10a7f05d18_b.jpgUntitled by swooshdave, on Flickr


Getting closer. Gave some tugs on the footrest bracket and then flipped the bracket. Tightened everything down. Looks a lot better. It's really hard to get a dead ahead shot when the bike is leaning and trying to line up the lens. The right side looks a little higher in the picture but I'm not sure if it actually is.


42544229731_9f16b4715a_b.jpgUntitled by swooshdave, on Flickr


42544229691_61d8205f38_b.jpgUntitled by swooshdave, on Flickr


If anyone has some Mistrals installed could you let me know which way you have your brackets?

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I have the early Moto Guzzi accessory round carbon fiber (Mistral) on my 2000 Sport brackets mounted to the inboard side of the hangers. Those hangers have also accommodated Tekno pannier brackets all these years. So, not so much of a "standard" as an *example* . . . ^_^


This  was an effort, on my part, to "tuck the pipes in" (they don't) and make them look more symmetrical (they aren't).


Once you have them where you are happy, loosen every fastener from the hangers, center hanger (crossover), pipe clamps, and the header flanges at the heads and tighten them back down in a "star pattern" like you are tuning a piano.

Make the Heavens ring! :luigi:B)

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Some times if they are uneven laterally from the back you can run 1 hanger bracket inside the footpeg support and the other outside. If it was perfect it wouldnt be Italian.

I've fitted many many aftermarket systems over the years and most I would put in the ordinary catagory, especially Termis. The exception is the full titanium Akrapovic system on my 1198. Not only is it a work of art but the fit is breathtakingly good, I mean perfect. Its so good it needs to be assembled in the correct order at 75% engaged then wiggle each coupling a fraction in turn in order to arrive at a fit where all the mounts line up and there is no tension in the pipes. Better than aircraft pipework and the welding is perfection. If you ever want the best buy Akrapovic no question.



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I finally got it out for a ride tonight. Sunset isn’t until 9pm at this time of year here.


Oh where was I?... F*€£ yeah, these sound incredible! Nice and deep but not gaudy. There use to be a flat spot between 4-5k and that’s better now. Not sharp like an open exhaust and not too loud at cruising speed. Just right.


Not sure if I’ll need a new map but it sure is fun now. It might be one of my favorite exhaust noises, beaten out only by a Bevel and some Contis.


So much fun!

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As I mentioned I needed a proper exhaust clamp as only one was provided.




I’ll hopefully fit these tonight. We’ll see, it’s been a long week.



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Here's another option, get a pair of link pipes made and then you can fit any cans that you want

yup, great idea. those hanger brackets look easy to make and unlimited positioning options


The hanger brackets are aftermarket Ducati ones the bolt holes happen to be in the same place as the V11

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Dave, how are you liking the cans? I think the Agostini's on my '00 Sport are basically the same can as the Mistral, and I gotta say I like the sound they make much better than the MG Ti cans. Deep, loud enough, with no "glass pack" rasp. I think you made the right choice over the Staintune's.

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Got a GPR titanium a year or so ago. Single-side with a Y-pipe.

No restricters installed. Added a Power Commander III to de-lean.

Quiet at idle, loud at high throttle. Deep happy sound all around.

Good low-end. Makes a huge difference in power and feel 5k to 7.5k!!!

Bike much happier!

No more surging at 3k, no more 4K pinging, but sometimes pings at 5k, will adjust the PC again. Wanted to avoid over-rich.


Curious where did you get your base map for your pipe... I too have a GPR 2 into 1 and a PC..but I'm thinking dyno and then it should be good.. Just curious if you found a download for the powercommander...Thanks

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